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Journal Journal: I am returned. 1

Noël was quite the beautiful event, it was; Yves and I managed to get a few weeks off from our works to go for a lovely trip to ski in the swiss Alps. It is so enchanting up there with all the snow, and the mountains are all so unbelieveably high!

Well, I just wanted to start this journal on a happy note, because unfortunately the rest of this journal may not be so happy :-( I recently quit my old job as systeme administrateur because my boss, he was sexuelly harassing me! How could something so terrible happen to me? Now I am back in the hell of the unemployment. Nobody wants to hire a female to work their computer systemes. Nobody believes that I have been using the Linux for three years, and that I am a competent programmer and administrater.

The people on this Slashdot site seem much more tolerant than real life peoples, at the least; while I am disheartened partially by the childish reactions of a few people, including somebody who keeps moderating my posts down as "troll", and that these children did scare me away from the Slashdot for a long time, I have been realizing that every Internet site has a share of idiots and stupides and that I should not hold it against Slashdot that a few of its users are so intolerant. So, I am back ^_^ Many thank yous to all the friendly persons who send me mails and give nice replies to my comments!

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Journal Journal: Busy busy busy!

I'm afraid I won't have much time to spend on Slashdot as I'd like to, because I've got so much to do! Our network systeme at work has made itself tangled with the Goner virus, and that is taking up much of my time to fix. Damn Outlook! Also, I've got much shopping to do for Noël (Christmas for you anglophones ^_^) and still Yves and I have need of planning our wedding. We are still arguing over when to have it; he wants the marriage very quickly sometime in January, but a wedding in winter just doesn't seem so nice to me. I want to wait until the spring comes, and have a nice, pretty wedding in April when the fleurs bloom and the snow melts. We are both excited about it, and can understand why Yves would want to hurry so. My mother, she bestowed me her old, beautiful wedding dress, and it surprisingly fits me perfectly! It's very pretty and quite old; I'm almost afraid to wear it because I don't want to be damaging it. Well, I must be off now. Joyeux Noël to you all!
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Journal Journal: *sigh* I thought it was too good to be true 2

I am deeply saddened, yet I suppose I should have expected it. In all the high-technologie circles I have been membered of, there has always been much rejection of me for being a sociable, attractive woman instead of the stereotype antisocial man. On my first post to the Slashdot, I have been accused of being a "piece of fiction", and a "troll" (I do not even know what this means? what is "troll"?). They have even insulted my precious Yves! But I have also received many nice emails from friendly Slashdot users, and to those who emailed me I say thank you for being so matur and friendly. I only wish all of Slashdot could have their minds so open as to accept me.
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Journal Journal: Bonjour Slashdot!

I am amazed by this site, that so many intelligents minds are here everyday discussing some of the most important developements of the modern age. It is truly remarcable. I can only hope that my contributions are as insightful as the ones I see here everyday. If I have luck, my bad english won't be trouble. ^_^

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