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Comment My question (Score 4, Funny) 103

With Michael, Neil and Amber on board, this project has a very intriguing pedigree and I think stands a good chance at being something original and fresh. At the same time, the vampire story is feeling a little worn-out at this particular time, which might make it a hard sell for some. My question is, will Amber Benson marry me?

Comment Re:you are crazy (Score 1) 219

This is an insane statement devoid of logic or fact.

Managing is its own skill set. I am perfectly qualified to hire my own manager, and in fact have done so several times always with success. I am capable of managing if need be, but I really do not wish to do so. As a result I'm quite happy to let someone else deal with that headache.

As for the OP, I suggest two things. I'd suggest asking them what they view their top priority as your manager to be. The correct answer is something on the lines of supporting his/her team. I also have had great success is asking slightly off-the-wall questions - for instance, I've asked candidates to give me a good reason to not hire them. I use those questions as a truth test. If they actually think about the question and give something of an honest answer, they've passed. If they give some corporate BS non-answer, move on, you don't want them.


Correlation Found Between Brain Structure and Video Game Success 110

kghapa writes "Still want to argue that video games shrink your brain? While video games have been previously shown to stimulate brain activity and improve coordination skills, a recently published study has directly linked structures in the human brain with video game aptitude. And yes, apparently size does matter in this case. Quoting: '... each subject received 20 hours of training to play a video game specifically created for research purposes, called Space Fortress. It's basically an Asteroids-type arcade game, in which the object is to knock down and destroy an enemy fortress while dodging space mines. However, the game has lots of extra twists that require close attention. Some of the players were told to focus exclusively on running up a high score, while others were told to shift their priorities between several goals. The result? The subjects who had more volume in an area called the nucleus accumbens did significantly better in the early stages of training. Meanwhile, those who were well-endowed in different areas of the striatum, known as the caudate nucleus and putamen, handled the shifting strategies better.'"
The Military

H.A.W.X. Brings New Perspective To Tom Clancy Series 27

This week saw the addition of aerial combat game H.A.W.X. to the Tom Clancy franchise by Ubisoft. Shane Bierwith, brand manager of the project, sat down with Student Life to discuss the game and some of their developmental decisions. "... we have four-person jump-in/jump-out co-op, which is a first for the air combat category. As far as competitive multiplayer is concerned, we have eight-person Team Deathmatch. It's a really fresh take on multiplayer in-air combat. As you level up and get kills in succession, you'll have access to support units, which range from electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) — you'll shock the other planes out of the sky — to altitude limits." Eurogamer's evaluation of the game calls it fun, but also "a victim of the high standards set by the other titles in the Clancy franchise." IGN says it's "very close to being a great game," but criticizes the combat and the mission design.

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