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Comment Before jumping to conclusions.... (Score 5, Insightful) 218

Before jumping to conclusions....yeah I know this is the internet...
Flying @ 14,000' elevation aint easy for a helicopter, and it gets *windy* up there at the top of Pikes Peak. Until the NTSB completes the investigation, any comments about what happened and whose fault it is would be pointless.

Comment Read the article knuckleheads. (Score 2, Informative) 272

All windows 7 is doing is reading battery controller provided information on itself. If the battery drops below 40% of capacity, windows reports it. The idea of Windows 7 damaging your batteries is absurd.

Since I know none of you will read the article, because it might get in the way of your circle jerk windows bashing:

"PC batteries expose information about battery capacity and health through the system firmware (or BIOS). There is a detailed specification for the firmware interface (ACPI), but at the most basic level, the hardware platform and firmware provide a number of read-only fields that describe the battery and its status. The firmware provides information on the battery including manufacturer, serial number, design capacity and last full charge capacity. The last two pieces of information--design capacity and last full charge capacity--are the information Windows 7 uses to determine how much the battery has naturally degraded. This information is read-only and there is no way for Windows 7 or any other OS to write, set or configure battery status information. In fact all of the battery actions of charging and discharging are completely controlled by the battery hardware. Windows only reports the battery information it reads from the system firmware. Some reports erroneously claimed Windows was modifying this information, which is definitely not possible."

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