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Comment Re:The ones I really hate... (Score 2) 199

Not in all cases, for the Samsung Galaxy S3 once you take the Android 4.3 update your are stuck, it locks the bootloader and will brick it you try to roll back. Sure you can use safestrap, but you are still stuck on touchwiz based 4.3 roms. If you didn't take the update, you can root, install recovery, and go straight to 4.4.2 roms without the touchwiz nonsense. This kind of behavior from Samsung and Verizon is criminal in my opinion.

Comment Re:And... (Score 1) 676

While some do pay into the system, I have seen many W4's that indicate they have 20 dependents. Since this isn't verified until tax season, they effectively escape all income taxes. Who gets screwed is the legitimate low income works who pay payroll taxes. What would be interesting to see is the breakdown of which states this money is going to, the last one I saw the southeast of the country was receiving the most government aide.

Comment Re:Can someone explain this theft? (Score 1) 232

They weren't always FDIC insured. Not too long ago they were not insured at all, so you would only put money in banks that you trusted. These banks still sometimes would fail. FDIC insurance came about to eliminate the fear of a bank collapsing. One day a bit coin exchange/bank may be FDIC (or similar) insured, but probably the whole thin will collapse first.

Comment Re:Dispute - not often at all (Score 1) 510

By the sounds of it the police aren't doing it; maybe the specific 'airport police' that the airport is paying for. They do specify that they're doing 'citizen's arrests' so they're certainly not official, though I don't understand how they can get court dates without formal police presences.

Of course, it also sucks because traditionally you can't get charged with trespassing without being formally told to leave. Once you're told to leave you have to do so in an expedient manner, but you're allowed to collect your goods and leave in a safe manner.

I also wonder if this is the airports getting upset by the loss of revenue, as most airports charge the taxi's $2-5 per pickup, a fee that gets passed directly to the traveller.

Comment Re:Dispute - not often at all (Score 2) 510

But again, you are thinking like a homeowner that plans to stay in the home for some time. Politicians think very short term, so instead of "If we fix that bridge it will bring more people to the town, and eventually lead to more tax revenue", its "I dont think we we should fix the bridge since it will be expensive now, it will last a few more years". Short term politicians have no incentives to do what is best for the country/state/city in the long term.

Comment Re:Dispute - not often at all (Score 4, Insightful) 510

Your quoting airbags reminded me - the first generation of airbags were dictated by the government to be set up to do a lick of good for an unbuckled passanger. As a result they detonated with such force they killed lighter people (children and small females).

Is the street lighting, road markings, and junctions a result of regulations or industry 'best practices'?

While airbags were a bit off the mark to start, the goal and intent were correct and eventually got us where we are today. Airbags have saved many many more lives than they have taken, so I'm willing to take the growing pains as a society to get to where we are today.

As for best practices, how many cities are willingly putting up more street lights? Or repainting roads to make the markings clear? Most of these things the cities/states are required to do. If we got rid of all regulations, we would be fucked. What incentive would a city or state have to fix anything? Why wouldn't a business just dump waste into streams and lakes that feed your drinking water? Its faster/cheaper/easier so it would happen over night.

I hate red tape just as much as the next guy, and I spend a good chunk of my time at work filling out "TPS" reports, but these systems are in place to keep douchebags (people/corporations) from doing what comes naturally to them, screwing us all over. As far as the story goes, I like the idea of rideshare, and can see how taxis are getting pissed, but is that the best thing our police departments can be doing, investigating and ticketing normal people over stepping on a taxi drivers toes?

Comment Re:That is true of all cheap 3D Printers (Score 1) 185

The problem with Argon is that is it is a direct replacement for Oxygen in the brain. Your brain thinks it is Oxygen, but it is not. You feel fine, and never realize you are having problems. It will eventually move out of your brain, but it takes time. As for the printer, ours is from a different company, SLM. EOS is the biggest, but we prefered the powder handling of the SLM. Concept Laser also makes a nice product.

Comment Re:That is true of all cheap 3D Printers (Score 2) 185

The metal DMLS printers are designed to constantly "leak" some Argon, as they are always purging a bit, and adding in new argon to the system. And yes Argon is dangerous, but as long as your room is ventilated you are fine. My office is in the same room as a DMLS printer that I run daily. Keep the doors open, and be cautious, and you are fine. Be warned about the metal ones, they fail as often or more often than the plastic ones. I have been running mine for 6+ months, and I still struggle with printing "thick" (1/2" or so) pieces. The distortion in the metal printers is generally worse than ABS, have to strongly fixture the part to the base plate with supports. What kind of metal printer are you getting? We have an SLM-280. As for the Stratasys ones, another department here purchased one and just now realized you have to buy their ABS, it will not work otherwise, which is exactly like 2d printers.

Comment That is true of all cheap 3D Printers (Score 3, Interesting) 185

Half of the fun of 3D printers is getting angry at them. If you want one to "Just Work" you are out of luck. Some are better than others, but they all are basically hot glue guns with some servo motors, there is no feedback, no control. You can however, print some really cool stuff. Sure I would not let my parents buy one, but I have loved mine personally.

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