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Comment Re: As a young woman... (Score 1) 545

I was exposed to some gender bias whole growing up, but still had a wide range of what would be considered "boy's toys" from my childminder and took special interest in video games. Nintendo at first, but as soon as I was old enough to properly search the Internet, I found out I really enjoyed technology. I didn't like making a distinction between male and female interests and careers and neither did I want to go into medicine (both my parents are doctors and it didn't appeal to me). I didn't however consider making it a career until recently, when I was told by someone, quite into the dev scene, that I *could* do it if I wanted to. Not only did I want to develop my own games, I also found that it seemed like 'an ultimate artform'. Although maths isn't my forte, when the above person showed me the application of maths, made it more than high school text book work and I really started enjoying it more. And in many ways... A new world of possibilities opened up. Since then I've also taught myself CS, programming languages and basic electronics. That's my story :) I'm 15 and looking towards a career in either CS, Physics or Engineering.

Comment As a young woman... (Score 1) 545

All it took was somebody to reach out to me, present me with the ideal, and tell me I could learn how to contribute. Numerous Ted talks and a vision of a better world :) Right now I just don't think enough people like me have heard about it and even if they have, why should they care? Get us interested by showing us its interesting, in a personal way.

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