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Journal Journal: Celiac Disease?

Ugh... bleh, nasty.

I haven't felt well for a while... a very long while, for that matter. And I think I may be closer to finding out WHY.

I've had a blood test, after weeks of feeling like shite. And they tested for hepatitis, pregnancy, a bunch of other stuff, and finally for anti-endomysial antibodies. Apparently this is linked to something called Celiac disease.

I just looked it up, and boy... it sounds like the symptoms I've been having. It also explains a lot of things, including my clinical depression that I've had for well over a year... perhaps a nutrient thing?




I've been having a.. problem.

Every now and then, I go help out at a local high school. I do odd jobs, fix computers, do a little data entry, etc, whatever is required. It's not much, but it's a little money, and that's good

Last time I was down there, it was bought to my attention that children have been recieving spam. So what, I hear you all say..... everybody does! Yes, that's true, but what concerned me was the nature of the spam recieved.... highly adult stuff, the last one involving a girl and a horse.... and she was riding the horse, if you know what I mean.....o_O

Considering that some of the students are as young as 12 at the school, and that we are required to keep this stuff out of the hands of children, I got a little pissed off. And so the hunt begins...

After less than an hour of searching, I found them on the SPEWS database, I found out a bunch of stuff by whoising their domain and IP address, found them a *lot* under the names "Mail By Request Co" "EarthVista Networks" and "E Vision Networks" and I eventually traced them to the "Globix Corporation" who I promptly sent an e-mail to, at their abuse department.

The spammer just responded, denying that they're spamming at all, yadda yadda. They claim that they will remove people from their mailing list if they are requested to do so, so I've decided to be reasonably civil and simply request the removal of the entire school domain.

Eagerly awaiting a response. If they spam the school again, I'll be making a *lot* of fucking noise!
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Journal Journal: Medication

Well, I'm back on my medication. Not too happy about it either.

Spent the last day and a half feeling drowsy, and generally not-here. Acted like a hyperactive child in the few moments I didn't feel drowsy. I forget how much these things knock me around and affect me. Pity they don't seem to make me less depressed.


In other news, I hate accounting software, unscheduled house-moving and the time it's taking to get this bloody fiber in for webhosting.
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Journal Journal: Moderator Points, come and gone....


Well, I just noticed at the end of yesterday that I had 5 Moderator points. Only I didn't have time to actually browse Slashdot at the time and make use of them....

This morning, on logging in, I discover that they are gone. I'm kind of disappointed, as I would've liked the opportunity to use them, but they kinda fell on a weekend where I had to move house, so I never had the time.

Oh well -- Easy come, easy go....
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Journal Journal: Website down 1

Well, the FFVII Citadel is down.

I've been trying to avoid this for some time, but finally things caught up with me, and now the site is in 'limbo', between one webhost and another. In some ways, it's kinda relaxing to know that I don't have to worry about this anymore. In other ways, it is frustrating, as I am being pressured to get it back up, while the circumstances are just beyond my control right now.

On the bright side (the brightest possible side of this) this is giving me time to attempt to redesign the site. It's been a collection of over 400 HTML documents for some time now. Which is fine -- until something needs to be changed... so, I'm planning on redesigning the site to make use of CSS. Then I'll look at learning PHP and doing the content that way.

I just wish though that it didn't have to be down at all. The internet feels empty without either the FFVII Citadel, or my own site there.
The Matrix

Journal Journal: Waiting...... and a headache.


*puff* *pant* *wheeze* ;_;

I'm ITCHING for the final free episode of the Animatrix, "The Second Rennaissance, Part 2". I've been itching for it since "Detective Story" came out. And now, with advertising for The Matrix Reloaded appearing around the city, the suspense is starting to drive me INSANE.

I am faced daily with a giant poster of Neo and Trinity on my way to work. On arrival at work, I check The Animatrix Website to see if the final episode is available. When it is, I will burn it and the other three to CD, and have my best friend over to watch all four episodes on a data projector. Until then, I'm just itching... itching for the download.

I'm getting myself so wound up I have a headache.

This kinda Matrix obsession is not healthy, is it?
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Journal Journal: Procrastination, 802.11b, customising Trillian, and Moogles.

Hoo boy, whatta week. After working all through the weekend, finalising quotes, finishing up various things, etc, etc, I am now an absolute wreck, and my mind has returned to a sad and sorry state in which it no longer wishes to function on work.

I've spent the last week staying up late, working my arse off, my hands ever-glued to the keyboard, only removed to stick a phone to my ear. I want to sleep. I want to play video games. I want to draw, I want to blog, I want to PLAY. But no.... it's not time for that yet.

And so, here I am on the last weekday of work before I begin yet another contracted position in a high school, manically tying up loose ends with network printers, 802.11b access points and networking possibilities, and general quotes that I've been sent last-minute. My mind is a mess of things like cable, hardware, software and the ever-present wholesaler pricelist. My attempts to un-jumble it only seem to give me a headache.

And now, after all of this, (or rather, still in the thick of it) my brain has... decided not to work anymore. So I've been surfing the web, posting on messageboards, customising Trillian (it's blue right now, but so far today it's been purple, orange and silver.) and drawing moogles.

I don't think this is how I'm meant to run a business.

Anybody know how to make my brain work again? >_
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Journal Journal: Lulu

Lulu fanart. Finally. After months of trying to draw a decent picture of Lulu from Final Fantasy X, I got one done. I'd done plenty of sketches previously, but none had looked quite right.

Now, I don't know what it is about me and my favorite characters, but for some reason they're always the hardest to draw. Misato Katsuragi from Evangelion is my favorite anime character, and in three years of drawing anime and videogame fanart, I STILL haven't been able to draw a decent picture of her.

The same happened with Lulu, but not to the same extent as the Misato pic. I drew a ton of sketches, but no matter what I did, it always looked wrong. Part of the problem is the fact that Lulu has only one eye showing; and this threw me out of "balance" so to speak.... the face always wound up looking lopsided.

Anyways, after months of trying, I finally got a decent Lulu sketch done. I've been working on the coloring on and off for a while and completed the picture today. I also bruised the palm of my hand after holding the Wacom's stylus for so long. Bleh... *shrugs*

Weee... *worn out* So now I'm gonna move onto drawing a Rikku pic.
User Journal

Journal Journal: Finally officially a Slashdotter.

Well, it took me long enough. After months of visiting Slashdot every day, I finally registered. Now it's taking me a while to get used to the whole Journal thingie, but I'm sure I'll get there soon.

Added Reeve (May Kasahara) from the Final Fantasy VII Citadel and Blue Shinra to my friends list, but so far she's the only person on there. I all alone! :( Oh well, I'm sure I'll meet more people soon :)

Anyways, no time to really post right now, I have things to do, computers to build, etc... so I guess I'll write in here laterer ^_^

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