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Comment Re:Cool... dammit... cool... dammit (Score 1) 487

Sometimes the buying guide can be spot on, but sometimes they miss (you get that with rumours). And I think they're perpetually telling you to wait ;) I'm just amused (in a vaguely horrified way) that I've not only bought my own Mac, but FINALLY managed to get Work to buy one.... just before an update.
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Journal Journal: To the Anonymous Coward...

...who posted this reply:

The majority of online games that I play are first-person shooters (only with certain people/clans, mind you). I've played an MMORPG (Phantasy Star Online) before, but got bored with it after awhile.

So in other words... girl gamers are not always what you assume they are :P

Comment Tiger's Spotlight, anyone? (Score 3, Interesting) 619

WinFS, I'd be the first to say, is very ambitious. Nobody has ever brought together the world of documents, media and structured information in giving you one simple set of verbs that lets you richly find, move around and replicate those things.


Microsoft still can't come up with shit until Apple has done it better, first. Sad.
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Journal Journal: Citadel Overhaul (Day Three)

Not much to report today. I've been working on various pages (Images and Media, Downloads, Games, Links, and all the Site Info stuff). Right now I'm plugging away at the Awards, which is getting a makeover not unlike what I'm doing with the Games (which is what, you may ask? You'll see ^_~).
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Journal Journal: Take Heart, Programmers!

Animators don't have it any easier than you do!

Sure, animation jobs have been going overseas for over twenty years now, but as the Korean animation industry has matured (so much so that it pumps out work that rivals much Japanese anime), the inbetweening and coloring gigs are moving to-- you guessed it-- India! Check out AWN's Career Connections if you don't believe me; seems like a whole lot of the studios hiring artists


Journal Journal: Good Mod Point Karma

It's so nice to have mod points when a thread like this one comes along. Sure, I have my own piece to say about girl gamers (being a girl whose LAN group is predominantely male), but it was so much more catharthic for me to mod down all those sore loser boys-- I mean flamers, and mod up the few who had interesting things to say :)
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Journal Journal: BSP Temporary Closure

My site is temporarily closed. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, though I shouldn't have to, since it's not even my fault! My hosting company is having serious server problems... even now -_-

I've already figured out a workaround, but it may be a week or two before I can get the site back up. Stay tuned...


Journal Journal: Damn the leechers!

I need to vent.

Having looked at my domain's logs last night, I found that certain people are still leeching images off of my server, despite whatever polite cease-and-desist messages I've sent them. And on top of that, a particularly large file was being hijacked by a new leecher! I promptly changed the names of the images, edited the related pages, uploaded these new jpgs and html files (while taking any old ones down)... and promptly began searching for information on how I can pre

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