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Comment Re: Interstate commerce? (Score 1) 502

They're trying not to make it an interstate commerce issue by stating it this way. However, by forbidding solar and wind power, it would require the use of oil, coal or gas, which can be imported from other states. That makes it an interstate commerce issue. They have to use more of an fuel that can be bought from another state than they would if they allowed renewables.

Comment Frustrated by the emails (Score 2) 120

I get a lot of these. I buy used books on Amazon, all at least graded "good" or better. In Amazon's description, Good means the book includes a dust cover. About a quarter of the books I order arrive with no dust cover and they get a one-star review and an explanation why.

Then the e-mails start. The seller wants to give me a discount to make things right. I explain that I've already wasted as much time on the order as I'm going to and it's well worth whatever discount that they might give me to let people know that they messed up.
Next up is the full refund offer email. I reply, asking if they even read my email. I explain that they're wasting even more of my time and I'm even less inclined to remove my review now as I was before.
Occasionally at this point I get the begging email. What can we do to make this right? Let us know and we'll do it. I reply that if I hear from them again, I'll order from them again and give that item a one-star review too.

That shuts them up.

Comment Re:Wait a second... (Score 2) 216

Don't get me wrong, I value their opinion. But if suddenly I found out that odds of an earthquake were added to the National Weather Service's hurricane warning system I'd be asking the same question.

The clock has always been about the odds of nuclear annihilation. Saying it's now also about global warming makes no sense.

Comment Re:Apple's admission of guilt (Score 5, Informative) 141

Apple only removed non-Apple, emulated Fairplay DRM encoded music from iPods. Any music you actually ripped from CDs, downloaded from the internet or got from friends were completely and totally unaffected. Only music files that used a hack to make them appear to be protected by Apple's Fairplay DRM were removed.

Comment Re:How is it their fault? (Score 5, Insightful) 653

I don't agree with the protesters, but their argument is that by providing these busses, Apple and Google are encouraging their employees to live in the area the busses service.

Previously the employees would have chosen to live somewhere convenient, but more expensive, due to the need to drive themselves. Now the Apple and Google employees can buy up places near the bus routes, causing a mini-housing shortage and driving up prices, thus pricing locals out of the housing market

Comment Re:Right choice (Score 2) 684

The law requires that to hire an H-1B visa holder that the company must certify that there is no American that qualifies for the position. It doesn't matter if the Bangladeshi is qualified or not. If the American was qualified the firm broke the law by hiring the H-1B visa holder.

Reacting to a company breaking the law by filing a lawsuit is the right thing to do.

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