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Submission + - Inside the Windows 7 Launch Party Pack (pcpro.co.uk)

Barence writes: PC Pro has got its hands on one of Microsoft's Windows 7 launch party packs — yes, the one from *that* video — and can reveal all of the party goodness contained within. Brace yourselves for disappointment. Amazingly, the one bit you might actually want — the copy of Windows 7 Ultimate with the authentic not-quite-hand-signed Ballmer scrawl — is already appearing on eBay for less than the price of an unsigned edition. That's got to hurt.

Submission + - Linux startup wins MIT $100K (cnet.com)

transplatch writes: Ksplice, the rebootless update technology that we covered previously, is now a startup, and has just won the MIT $100K Business Plan Contest. This Linux-friendly company is making it easy to keep systems fully patched, which is critical to system security. No IT company has won the business plan contest in over a decade, until now. Looks like a scrappy team of engineers can hold their own against the MBAs after all.

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