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Comment Re:Emma Watson is full of it (Score 2) 590

Nice to know you are dating all the 'bitches' because that leaves all the nice ones for me. Go dutch dumbass. Ask up front and they are usually shill about it. Even at the end of a lunch/dinner I've had most women ask the waiter/waitress for separate checks as if they thought I was going to pay in the first place. As the other responder said, you'd probably find nicer girls if you acted like a better person.

Comment Re:they will defeat themselves (Score 4, Insightful) 981

Apparently you don't know what happened in the Arabic world back in the 1100s. They were amazing with math and science. Leaders of the world in that matter. Then came a long Al Ghazali and turned all of that on its head. Now look at the Arabic world. Still looks like they live in the 12th century.

Comment Re:Definitions (Score 1) 152

This is what i was wondering. I have several TB of movies and about 10GB of music that is all stored on a custom built NAS in a 4u rack mount case. Storage my friend...anyway, this is what I(and my roommates) stream most of our movies/music from in the house. Other times, only for movies and music we don't yet have we use Pandora, Spotify, Netflix or Hulu. If it's only what comes from the ISP/Internet side then that's about 20%...if you want to count what is streamed internally as well, it's about 90%.

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