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Comment Torvalds has tunnel vision (Score 1) 112

Torvalds is an arrogant control freak who thinks he knows best when it comes to kernel design. The reality is very far from this as Linus has ignored continual flaws in his beloved kernel for years. He may be pope of the Linux kernel but he has no influence over distro developers and their unstructured implementation of GNU userland & third party apps. GNU/Linux has become a chaotic mess because of its fragmentation and lack of proper integration.

Comment Ignorant educator (Score 1) 564

And how are these tablets actually helping students to learn ? Such gadgets are frivolous and are doing more to dumb students down and make them lazy. Whatever happened to real schooling where teachers actually taught and students actually thought and did real research ? You and your ilk are one of the primary reasons why students are getting more ignorant since you see technology as some kind of "holy grail" for education when the reality is very different. Good luck with indoctrinating students into the halls of mediocrity. You obviously got high honors in such a role.

Comment Re:I agree (Score 1) 564

You can't do serious work on a tablet. Why do you think they are a niche product in business ? - because they lack decent real-word apps, that's why. The current crop of apps for most tablets are puerile garbage. Couple this with poor interfaces, weak multitasking and lack of hardware performance and you have a device which is useless for anything other than net apps and multimedia.

Comment Nope (Score 1) 564

You bought the wrong Netbook, dumbass. Stop blaming the hardware and take responsibility for your own purchasing stuffup. Tablets are frivolous junk. Awkward to hold. awkward to use, have no real-world usable and useful apps and are dead useless in daylight.

Comment Re:5 Zettabytes? (Score 1) 138

Do you honestly think the NSA is using consumer grade hard drives ? They more than likely have access to storage technology that is beyond anything that is available to the public. As for NSA surveillance - big deal. The NSA went inward a long time ago so their is no point in worrying about their ability to eavesdrop on everyone.

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