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Comment Re:One is lonely (Score 1) 309

Hmm, I'm not sure about changing the base from 10 as an acceptable method. Can't I just decide that, for the problem of 20747222 467734852078216 952221076085874 80996474721117292 752992589 912196684750549658, I am working in base 20747222 467734852078216 952221076085874 80996474721117292 752992589 912196684750549658?

Comment Re:What a laughable conclusion by Judge Black (Score 1) 184

So the SC has ruled you have to give a physical key, but not a combination. Very clear.

No, you've misread. In the 1988 case, the judge who lost 8-1 used this argument, that a key is different from a combination. But he lost. The other 8 judges voted against him. Therefore, it was established in 1988 that there is no difference between a key and a combination, and neither counted as evidence, ergo no violation of the 5th amendment.

Once you've digested why this judge referenced the 1988 case, you can see that he actually ruled in line with the previous ruling. The defendant cannot be compelled to bear witness against himself, but it has been ruled that providing a key or combination is not bearing witness.

Very clear.

Comment Re:Plasma (Score 1) 103

My understanding is that the blue pixels fade faster only in RGB-OLED displays. The current generation of LG OLEDs don't use RGB-OLED, they use W-OLED (which they've got patented so only LG have them), which suffer from none of the fading or burn-in that older sets did.

Still, they're expensive, but the downsides of the early models are affecting perception of the current models, despite the current models exhibiting none of the earlier issues.

Comment Re:Amazon Echo (Score 1) 101

I don't understand your position here. You seem to troll every thread on the subject of voice activated assistants in order to slag off the Echo, but you're spouting nonsense.

You frequently claim that 'no one really uses one', but that simply isn't the case. Or perhaps it is, if you mean that 'anyone who uses one often goes on to buy a second'. I have 2 in the house, and they're great. My wife uses them more than I do, but they are a fantastic convenience factor. Not necessary for anything, but handy for dozens of tasks per day.

For those that are interested in the positives, we find Alexa especially useful when cooking, especially meals that have different items with different oven timings. Bang something in the oven and "Alexa, set a timer for 12 minutes". Go do your thing, then she'll call you back when it's time to put the Naan in, and you set her for another 8 minutes. Like I say not necessary, but handy, especially with greasy fingers. "Alexa, play something relaxing" while my wife does some work. "Alexa, turn off the Livingroom lights" once we've settled down for a movie and can't be bothered getting up. "Alexa: Wikipedia: Blake Lively" when we watch end up arguing about who she's married to.

Comment Re:Steam, only with creepy privacy invasion? (Score 1) 116

worst of all - if your city starts building something, you can't change it until it's complete

Erm, you definitely can change what a city is currently building. I'm thinking about how to do it, and I'm coming up blank on how you would find it confusing, there are several intuitive ways to do it, two of which are:

1) Click City, click 'Contrruction', click what you want to build.
2) On the City's bar (over the city itself, not the UI overlay), click the cogwheel at the right hand side; this will bring up the construction menu.

Comment Re:Diesels already do this. (Score 5, Informative) 576

Sorry to be a party pooper, but those numbers all stack up.

A US gallon is 83% of a UK gallon, so the the MPG figures are going to vary.

50 MPG (US) is roughly the same as 59 MPG (UK).

When using US gallons, its hardly surprising that you reach the US figure, rather than the UK figure.

Not everybody does things your way.

Comment Re:From his February 2010 TED visit (Score 1) 131

I'm surprised.

I listened to that TED podcast a few weeks ago, I found it really interesting, but I was driving at the time, and once getting home it had completely slipped my mind to read more in to it.

His presentation was excellent, and it didn't occur to me that he was nearly that old.

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