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Comment Re:Steam, only with creepy privacy invasion? (Score 1) 116

worst of all - if your city starts building something, you can't change it until it's complete

Erm, you definitely can change what a city is currently building. I'm thinking about how to do it, and I'm coming up blank on how you would find it confusing, there are several intuitive ways to do it, two of which are:

1) Click City, click 'Contrruction', click what you want to build.
2) On the City's bar (over the city itself, not the UI overlay), click the cogwheel at the right hand side; this will bring up the construction menu.

Comment Re:Diesels already do this. (Score 5, Informative) 576

Sorry to be a party pooper, but those numbers all stack up.

A US gallon is 83% of a UK gallon, so the the MPG figures are going to vary.

50 MPG (US) is roughly the same as 59 MPG (UK).

When using US gallons, its hardly surprising that you reach the US figure, rather than the UK figure.

Not everybody does things your way.

Comment Re:From his February 2010 TED visit (Score 1) 131

I'm surprised.

I listened to that TED podcast a few weeks ago, I found it really interesting, but I was driving at the time, and once getting home it had completely slipped my mind to read more in to it.

His presentation was excellent, and it didn't occur to me that he was nearly that old.

Comment Re:Wikileaks puts lives at risk (Score 1) 725

Treason? Isn't treason an act against your own government, as apposed to someone else'? It winds me up no end that foreign governments have the power to effectively close the bank accounts of foreign companies, I think it is ridiculous, in fact, and that the big bad old U S of A should fuck off and deal with the problem at home, such as not letting this Asange fellow enter. Either the country in which he is hosted should shut him down, because they agree with America, or there shouldn't be anything done, because they don't, and are their own country and do what the fuck they want.

Puts democracy at risk, what nonsense you write

Comment Re:Gut reaction.. (Score 1) 139

But.. A password, then face verification? Facebook et al. I'd be happy with face only, ditto with emails, but for the banking stuff it'd be great to have both. As you enter the password, the face recognition does it's business. I'd even love this on the unlocking screen (when the phone goes into keylock due to idleness). My N900 is great, but when someone says "what can it do that my phone can't?", I'm usually at a loss to demonstrate. I know its capable of lots of cool stuff, but currently its shining glory is the FM transmitter, and that's not blow-your-socks-of wow.

Comment Re:Nonsense. (Score 2, Interesting) 228

Ah. It being a Scottish beer, brewed not far from me in fact, I was using the British notation - I didn't realise there were any others.

If you read on where the 'proof' system came from, you'll quickly see that the american one is, in fact, nonsense, but I suppose that that's a debate for another day.

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