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Comment Mobile wallets not supported (Score 1) 272

I've always been a fan of the mobile wallet concept. I have a Google wallet account and spent the money for the NFC sim and all. Then I discovered absolutely No one in my town (major US city here not a backwater hill town) is set up for it. Sure a few have tap and pay card readers but those as a general rule are not programmed to accept and virtual wallet. I hope one day we get to the point where it is common place to use NFC payment systems at most major stores but I do not think it will happen anytime soon.

Comment Re: States Rights (Score 3, Insightful) 665

Make no mistake. As strenuously as Madison argued for religious freedom, it was for the overall benefit of man. Where man sees religion tied to government, he becomes supremely skeptical and cannot see the gospel as the free-gift that it is. This is Madisonâ(TM)s argument. Therefore, the author of the Bill of Rights that would become the Amendments to the Constitution wrote in our First Amendment âoeFreedom of religionâ and not freedom from it. Okay so according to this every religion is free to exist and practice in the United states as long as it is separated from the government. So we should teach every religions version of creation in schools as there is no public school that is only Protestant or only Jewish or only budist or only Islamic. Thank you for pointing this out.

Comment Re: States Rights (Score 1) 665

Quite a few Christians choose science as a profession: http://biologos.org/blog/ham-o... This is where I believe the faith vs science debate will harm us the most. To tell a child that the scientific method and tools of science are inaccurate then support that with any brand of "science" like Ken Ham and the yec movement does is going to flaw every child that grows up and becomes a scientist. This will in turn degrade the quality of scientific findings that we as a nation are able to come up with and in turn will further set us behind the rest of the world in scientific achievement. If you teach someone a flawed method to begin with their every outcome from that point forward will be flawed.

Comment When did parents decideb faith was the schools job (Score 1) 665

http://biologos.org/blog/ham-o... when you have a body of Christian doctoral professors that do not agree with you about your own interpretation of scripture you can not force the debate on children. If you are an adult you can read up on what these issues are and make your own decision. Children do not have that luxury. To force a religious belief on a child that can not even be agreed upon within that religion is equatable to child abuse. Public schools should teach No faith, faith is up to the parents to teach. This is more of a problem with parents expecting schools to do it all for them than it is about religious over scientific view points. Guess what, raising a kid is hard. It is not the job of teachers to teach religion that roll is on the parents and religious leaders of the community. Do you think schools teach the about Native American history or our spirituality? As a native man I can say they absolutely do not. So should I petition the school or should I just sit my child down once and a while and teach it to him myself and help him form his own opinion on the conflicts that arise from being taught booth views. Don't be a lazy parent and teach your kid your faith and let others do the same for their children. If you don't fell like raising your child is your responsibility then maybe you should not have had them.

Comment Re: Teach the controversy, but define it first (Score 2) 665

except Catholics, the vast majority of Orthodox Jews and mainstream Islam do believe in evolution and the old universe theories to a good extent. even within the evangelical community you have differing views on accepting old universe and evolution.the most noted are ken ham for the yec and Dr. John Walton for oec. note ken ham has read the Bible, Dr. Walton is a doctorial professor that studies the ancient Hebrew ot and the civilization that it pertained to. how can we realistically teach mixed beliefs in faith over science without turning the entire schooling experience into that lesson?

Comment Re: States Rights (Score 5, Informative) 665

James Madison, the father of both the Constitution and the First Amendment, consistently warned against any attempt to blend endorsement of Christianity into the law of the new nation. "Who does not see that the same authority which can establish Christianity, in exclusion of all other Religions," he wrote in his Memorial and Remonstrance Against Religious Assessments in 1785, "may establish with the same ease any particular sect of Christians, in exclusion of all other Sects?" Unlike the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution conspicuously omits any reference to God.

Comment Re: How is presenting all theories a problem? (Score 2) 665

the problem comes that only a few religions believe in the biblical creation story as fact. Even then it is not agreed between those religions exactly how much of that creation story should be taken as a literal. If we decide to teach creationism in schools we need to cover each religions views (Hindu belief is vastly different than Protestant and they both do not fit with Catholic teachings) as well as the current evolutionary views. This in turn would mean the entire day would need to be spent covering just this one topic. Considering our own constitution states we are to keep religion and state separate ,religious views should be taught at home or in the educational facilities of the religion and not in public schools. You'll never hear a school teaching my faiths creation story so why should any other religions story be taught?

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