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Comment Re:Streaming devices (Score 1) 394

This causes so many more problems though. The nature of cable/air broadcast is the broadcast part. The signal is sent one to many. More people watching does not create any extra load on the system.

With a network-based solution though, the more people the more load, and I highly doubt most internet providers would be able to keep up. They are already complaining about Netflix, and that still has a small share of the home media viewing market.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 206

He could be creating a deb that could be installed that installs and configures various services to make a debian-based system look like the old FreeNAS. I've used FreeNAS and there is really no reason to have a dedicated system for services that it provides. Many of the people that already use it either use FreeBSD or Linux on another system. If those systems could also run the easy configuration of FreeNAS, they could consolidate systems in their environment.

That's all guessing though. I really hope it ends up being an apt-get package in a repository some where. I like FreeNAS, but I would rather dedicate hardware resources to something else that is more utilitarian, even if that means I have to configure every service myself.

Comment Re:ZFS, Anyone? (Score 1) 444

I ran ZFS/FUSE on Ubuntu 64-bit for about 3 months. Aside from some performance issues, it worked great up until about 20-30 reading and writing threads, when it crashed. It was easy enough to restart the file system, but I also had to restart the 15 VMs I had running on it. It would crash predictably though, so that's something.

ZFS under FreeBSD or Solaris is so much nicer. The performance even on the same hardware is many times better in straight reading and writing throughput.

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