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Comment Re:LP? (Score 1) 306

I have an old manual typewriter that's virtually new in appearance. Wanna buy this old piece of ju.... er, fine piece of retro engineering? ;-)

Not unless it looks like this. :)

The steampunk thing is pretty cool IMO - maybe I should get a wood-panelled case... Yeah, then I'll get chicks, it's foolproof. ;)

Comment Re:LP? (Score 1) 306

> So on a scale of usefulness from "necessary for human survival"

Art is necessary for human survival.


the artwork from Electric Ladyland or The Wall or Bitches Brew

Are you mentioning anything yet that isn't easy for a 5-year old to find on Google? (see my OP)

I'm not sure what great DIFFERENCE in benefit you get from a mass-produced printout of this artwork, or a digital copy from a large company in this particular format, and what you can get from Google Image Search, The Pirate Bay, or any of the player-embedded information retrieval mechanisms I mentioned.

> WinAMP

So the digital age is for Windows and Slashdot blah blah blah

I mention two programs, one designed for windows and one not, and you disregard 50% of what I posted to try and make some point? Intellectual honesty please; this is the internets, good sir!

We can throw all that stuff out as long as we rip a copy of the audio for fucking WinAMP.


So. All I have been able to discern with any level of clarity is that you have some beef with WinAMP's LAME(tm) encoder.

And now I'll take my ball and slowly back off your lawn. :)

Comment Re:LP? (Score 4, Informative) 306

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, what they're calling an 'LP' is essentially a DVD-style menu for your album. With pics, lyrics and bio - you know, the kind of stuff any 5-year-old can get from google or can be auto-loaded by many modern music players (WinAMP, Amarok, take your pick).

So on a scale of usefulness from "necessary for human survival" to "would rather have my balls in a vise", it scores about a "meh".

Comment Re:Their site... (Score 1) 454

Why is this illegal? Why is this any different than a commercial

Or, perhaps more specifically, how does it differ from the 'testimonials' included on many corporate sites?

Simple answer is, no-one expects advertisements or featured endorsements in a company's literature to be unbiased. It becomes misleading if biased coverage is presented in such a way as to lead a reasonable person to think that what they're reading is balanced review.

Comment Re:We never needed them before (Score 1) 607

You're right, of course. While we're on this line of reasoning, let's also stop using the following:

  • Modern medical intervention: Ultrasounds

Probably give you cancer...

delivery rooms

Often disregard centuries of midwifery and basic ideas such as beneficial use of birthing baths and gravity...


Have been shown to be over-prescribed and the associated dangers minimised so that many mothers do not give informed consent...


Irresponsible overuse of which has helped give us superbugs, whereas just training people to wash their hands with soap and water more often would have worked just as well. Oh, and probably cause cancer...


Millions of kids on expensive anti-psychotics for run-of-the-mill running-around-like-a-kid activity, not to mention the trillions of dollars spent on the unregulated, so-called 'herbal' side of big pharma, making expensive pee for hundreds of millions of people every day... Not what I'd call progress, oh, and of course probably cause cancer :P


Doesn't take a genius with equipment to work out if someone's hot or not. We have heat receptors in our skin... Oh, and if you break them, they can cause cancer...


See?? Overuse! :P


Should be eliminated. Personal, autonomous (in other words, easily crashable) transport vehicles are illogical in a day and age when we could have a top-notch public transportation system in every city; or it could still use private vehicles but utilize something like compressed air engines (needs electricity but this at least consolidates the fuel issue at the power plant, instead of having a billion separate pollution points you can have just a few thousand, and convert those to non-polluting sources); and between every city maglev can do the job... But I digress..


Disposable nappies are a huge problem in landfill - we would be hugely better off if people stuck with reusable ones. Also less chance of things like allergic reactions (or cancer!!) from the plastics involved, and much cheaper too.


The paper comes from trees and needs to be bleached, the bleach runoff gets into the waterways, and gives you cancer.

Any footwear or clothing technology invented in the last 200 years

What, are you kidding? Ruffles are BACK dude! :D

With a little trust and good parenting, ALL of these items are unncessary ... until you need them.

Or until you get cancer.

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