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Submission + - Apple blowing Android away in enterprise adoption (networkworld.com)

CheerfulMacFanboy writes: According to the latest numbers released by mobile enterprise tech firm Good Technology, iOS devices accounted for around 80% of new activations on corporate networks in the first quarter of 2012, while Android-based devices accounted for just 20%. No other mobile platform, such as Windows Mobile, registered enough activations on the quarter to crack Good's study, which tracked mobile device activations across thousands of companies that registered at least five activated mobile devices. Good also says that BlackBerry devices were not on the study since the company does not support the platform and thus "does not have insight" into BlackBerry activations.

Submission + - Labor activist: Apple may be terrible, bit all others are worse (laptopmag.com)

CheerfulMacFanboy writes: Labor Activist Li Qiang wants you to know that the iPhone 4 in his pocket is not an endorsement of Apple’s policies, just an acknowledgement that the company is doing a better job of monitoring factory conditions than its peers. The founder of leading advocacy group China Labor Watch (CLW) told us that, though the Cupertino company does more-thorough inspections than competitors, it is responsible for poor working conditions at its suppliers’ factories and needs to invest some of its record-breaking profits in improving them.

“Although I know that the iPhone 4 is made at sweat shop factories in China, I still think that this is the only choice, because Apple is actually one of the best. Actually before I made a decision, I compared Apple with other cell phone companies, such as Nokia,” he said through a translator. “And the conditions in those factories are worse than the ones of Apple.

Submission + - Amazon stymies Lendle e-book lending service (cnet.com)

CheerfulMacFanboy writes: CNET quotes Lendle co-founder Jeff Croft: "They [Amazon] shut the API access off, and without it, our site is mostly useless. So, we went ahead and pulled it down. Could we build a lending site without their API? Yes. But it wouldn't be the quality of product we expect from ourselves." Is Amazon becoming the new Apple? Or has it always been worse?

Submission + - Android holes allow secret installation of apps

CheerfulMacFanboy writes: According to The H Security researchers have demonstrated two vulnerabilities that allow attackers to install apps on Android and its vendor-specific implementations without a user's permission. During normal installation, users are at least asked to confirm whether an application is to have certain access rights. Bypassing this confirmation request reportedly allows spyware or even diallers to be installed on a smartphone.

One vulnerability was identified when a security specialist analysed HTC devices and found that the integrated web browser has the right to install further packages (used to automatically update its Flash Lite plug-in). Attackers can exploit this if they have found another browser hole.

Android specialist Jon Oberheide demonstrated another hole which involved misusing the Account Manager to generate an authentication token for the Android Market and obtaining permission to install further apps from there. However, this initially requires a specially crafted app to be installed on the smartphone. Nothing could be easier: Oberheide released the allegedly harmless "Angry Birds Bonus Levels" app intothe Android Market and, upon installation, this app downloaded and installed three further apps ("Fake Toll Fraud", "Fake Contact Stealer" and "Fake Location Tracker") without requesting the user's permission.

Submission + - Oracle and Apple to join forces in OpenJDK project

CheerfulMacFanboy writes: According to The H "Apple plans to contribute to the OpenJDK project and has joined forces with Oracle to create an open source Java implementation for Mac OS X. After IBM in October, Apple is the second Java protagonist to join Oracle's efforts to promote the OpenJDK. The decision also indicates a shift in Apple's Java strategy, as it means that the vendor has – with or without intention – complied with a petition by Java enthusiasts to hand over its Java components to the OpenJDK project." Unless of course that was Apple's plan all along.

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