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Comment Mojo Helpdesk (Score 2, Informative) 236

I read through a lot of the comments and saw so many mentions of enterprise level ticket tracking and development management. You actually asked for a ticket tracking for IT sidework. I use Mojo Helpdesk. They have a free plan, 30 day free trial for their pay plans and gives you a central location to track open issues and receive reedback from clients.

Hope this helps.
The Courts

Submission + - Jury finds Vonage infringed on Verizon patents

LabRat writes: Today, a jury found that Vonage violated 3 key patents held by Verizon. Vonage is ordered to pay $58 million in past damages and a 5.5% royalty on future sales revenue. While much smaller than what Verizon was seeking ($5/customer/month)'s still quite a substantial financial blow to a company that continues to hemorrhage cash as it seeks to buy it's way to market share through a marketing blitz campaign. It's unclear at this point if this victory will embolden Verizon to pursue blackmail, erm, settlements from other VoIP providers..though it seems highly unlikely that Verizon would pass up the opportunity to generate cash flow from its IP holdings. No word yet if Vonage plans to appeal.

Submission + - Quantum Cryptography makes first wireless link

QuantumCrypto writes: "In quantum cryptography, using a stream of single photon to transmit message is considered to be the gold standard, as there is no way to intercept the message without alerting the messenger. A team of European physicists has just done that. They have successfully transmitted a secure quantum 'key' between two of the Canary Islands, opening the possibility of long-distance, wireless quantum cryptography. The bandwidth was a "blazing" 2.37 bits per second."
Classic Games (Games)

Submission + - New Beta Site Features Two-Player Games, Comics

Rassil writes: ", an independent award-winning website, recently announced a new beta site aimed at gamers, kids, anyone who loves great two-player games, collector card games, creating comics and avatars and reading one-of-a-kind webcomics. First launched in 1997, is capitalizing on lessons learned from 10 years in the kid's online business. Today's beta release is the first iteration of an evolving strategy to embrace families with first-rate content and social networking opportunities delivered with some of the web's latest Adobe Flash 9 and java technologies. Users who log-on to the beta site can currently communicate with safe messages, dress and animate avatar Bonsters, play dozens of single and two-player games, create their own individual comics and use the Bonus "fridge" as a place to post messages, magnets, pictures and artwork. The site is also introducing a one-of-a-kind comic series, The Paranormals, about a band of middle-school misfits. An exclusive collector card game, Arcanom, will feature Paranormals characters in battle against one another."

Submission + - Install Ubuntu in windows

eporue writes: ""Wubi is an unofficial Ubuntu installer for Windows users that will bring you into the Linux world with a few clicks. Wubi allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu as any other application. If you heard about Linux and Ubuntu, if you wanted to try them but you were afraid, this is for you." More at: Wubi"

Submission + - "Spamtrap" - an electronic installation a

bshack writes: ""Spamtrap" is an interactive installation piece that helps me fine tune my spam email filter. (video) My Spamtrap monitors an email address I created specifically to lure in spam. I do not use this email address for any other communication. I post this email address on websites and online bulletin boards that cause it to be harvested by spambots and then to start receiving spam. Because I know that all email sent to this email address is spam, I can adjust my spam filter to look for characteristics found in those confirmed spam messages when filtering out spam for my personal email account. Click here for more information about Spamtraps. The installation uses a wirelessly network connected Pentium II computer, personal printer, personal shredder and a Spamtrap email address. When a new spam email is detected by my installation, it automatically prints it out. The printed email slides down a track into the shredder that analyzes it. After the spam email has been analyzed the paper is then recycled. Watch the Documentation Video"

Submission + - Playstation 3 phones Home

MeanderingMind writes: It seems that the rumors were true. Sony will be launching "Home" this fall for the Playstation 3. Home combines many of the features of Microsoft's Live service and Nintendo's Mii Channel into a product reminiscent of Second Life.

Submission + - Captain America is dead...

The 4th State writes: "Marvel has killed off their oldest hero...such attrocities have not been seen since 1993 when DC killed off Superman. This was first read on,,2933,257398,00.html . It brings great sadness to such a great hero. After 9/11 many Americans feld back to this comic as he brought hope to a much needing public. What are your thoughts? was this a good move by Marvel? what is coming next??? are they spawning a new comic, or is this the end of the series?"

Submission + - Guide Dogs and Making Babies - The New Gaming

ShrapnelFace writes: "Penny Arcade is reporting on a story that was first posted at Kotaku, but then taken down. Directing us to the same story regarding Peter Molyneux's interview about the upcoming title, Fable 2, we find a new dawn in gaming- Dogs and Babies. le_2_Feature_Dog_Sidekick.html

A direct quote from Peter in this article:
[quote] "There is the appreciation the wide world feels toward your character as he lives and fights in their world. There is the ability to make love and make babies. Yes, you can be both a man or a woman and if you're a woman, you can get pregnant. A first, he believes, for a main character in an RPG."[/quote]"

Submission + - The Deal Steve Jobs Couldn't Refuse

Government Drone writes: "Remember the 1997 deal in which Microsoft bought $150 million in non-voting Apple stock? According to this story in InformationWeek, it wasn't done all out of the goodness of Bill Gates' heart:

Weeks prior to bailing out a struggling Apple Computer by purchasing $150 million of its stock, Microsoft officials threatened to cut development of a key product for the Macintosh in order to coerce its rival to make the deal, according to an e-mail unearthed during a recent court hearing.

The original text of the E-mail is here, which mentions a threat to pull the plug on Office for Mac, but argues against it for a variety of reasons. An interesting backend view of what was happening in Apple's darkest days."
Data Storage

Submission + - Samsung Begins Shipping Hybrid Hard Drives

writertype writes: "Samsung has become the first company begin shipping hybrid hard drives, we report on ExtremeTech. Unfortunately, there's no word yet (besides "soon") on when retail shipments will begin, or when (or if) 3.5-inch models will be available. Note that these are different than the ReadyBoost USB flash drives optimized for Vista; hybrid drives contain a smaller amount of flash, and work as a write cache for your notebook drive, extending battery life."

Submission + - SC considers wireless net as public service

jeffery_donahue writes: "According to The Lancaster News, the legislature of South Carolina is considering offering municipal wireless internet throughout the state. "The state House recently passed a resolution creating the S.C. Wireless Technology and Communications Commission, which will study the feasibility of creating a statewide wireless broadband network using existing ETV towers." Also among the topics of debate is the matter of a virtual classroom."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Verizon Fails 3rd Grade Math - Over and Over

stdio9 writes: "One man's struggle to re-educate Verizon employees about 3rd grade mathematics fails, with recorded audio. Hey Verizon: If the customer service manager is making $100k a year, you have a great opportunity here. Rather than paying $0.01335 a second, try paying 0.01335 cents a second. Imagine the cost savings you will turn over for all the phone reps that don't understand the difference. (Assumes a 2080 work hour year, with paid vacation and holidays.)"

Submission + - BitTorrent video download store falls flat

seriouslywtf writes: We've all heard about BitTorrent going legit this week with legal movie and TV show downloads. Ars Technica took a look at the service to see how useable it was and ran into a few snags, including not being able to download or even open the video files on some computers. However, the ones that they did manage to open varied a lot in quality. Overall, they blame DRM. From the article:

Without knowing whether browser compatibility and dysfunctional video files are a rare occurrence or not, it's hard to say whether BitTorrent's service is a good one overall. Our initial experiences have been disappointing and frustrating, and guess what the culprit is once again? DRM. Why the DRM failed to work on 50% of our purchases is not clear, but whatever the cause, it's simply unacceptable.

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