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Comment Re:This annoys the hell out of me ... (Score 1) 392

I almost got hit by a hybrid at a gas station. I was "crossing" between pumps and almost stepped out in front of one. I imagine it is like the parent said, happens more in parking lots and other non-standard high pedestrian areas. Could limit the "noise" to be made when the car is sub 15mph or so.

Comment Viewer (Score 1) 91

I see nothing in article mentioning how they control or view what the robot is seeing. Seems a very important part of the equation. 5lb robot 20lb controller? American grenades shaped like baseballs is not without reason. I don't see tossing any of these robots through a second story window, or even a ground level window given a safe distance. These all look like scouting type robots. Need a more K.I.S.S. type deal of just a P&T camera w/IR that you huck into an area. If it lands in a bad spot, huck another.

Comment Re:why not keep top-kill going? (Score 1) 768

This isn't dirt and water type mud. It is engineered material. While I don't think money is a huge concern for the cleanup, logistics play a huge factor. There is also the problem of just what the mud is doing when it is being shot down at this unstable "well head". The whole time you are doing it, it could be changing things for the worse. (Yes it could be worse) I think the best thing to keep doing while waiting on the relief wells and other forms of relieving the source is to focus on cleanup. The supertanker idea they used in the unreported arab big gulf spill seems to be viable. As in, the pieces are already present and only need to be moved. You have a means to load/unload the tankers in the gulf as well.

Man Swallows USB Flash Drive Evidence 199

SlideRuleGuy writes "In a bold and bizarre attempt to destroy evidence seized during a federal raid, a New York City man grabbed a flash drive and swallowed the data storage device while in the custody of Secret Service agents. Records show Florin Necula ingested the Kingston flash drive shortly after his January 21 arrest outside a bank in Queens. A Kingston executive said it was unclear if stomach acid could damage one of their drives. 'As you might imagine, we have no actual experience with someone swallowing a USB.' I imagine that would be rather painful. But did he follow his mother's advice and chew thoroughly, first? Apparently not, as the drive was surgically recovered."

Comment Re:It can and does happen, but isn't supposed to (Score 1) 491

Well it was actually 3 years ago (strangely enough to the day)and it was the locks and not some bridge. They never said he needed a permit. (Although the homeland security officer said he should call before visting, and was dead wrong for saying so.) But other than that, you are correct. The man in question was named [url=]Ian Spiers[/url] Despite the name of the website I do believe he is rather apolitical and was justifyably concerned about the incident.

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