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Comment Not quite there yet (Score 1) 339

I was hoping to read that if you promised to publish only FOSS on the app store you wouldn't have to pay for the yearly developer's account fee. Too bad, that's not there. To develop for windows phone 8 / windows 8 and be able to test on real phones and publish on the app store, you need:
- a yearly 99$ developer's account fee
- a windows 8 pro 64 bits installation to run visual studio 2012
- to test on the emulator, a computer with a CPU supporting SLAT; therefore either a pretty new PC or a virtualization software that supports it, like the latest Parallels Desktop, which is not free either

Once you pay for all that making your software not free anymore is almost natural.

Comment Re:Yay (Score 1) 2987

The problem I see is that not being a criminal, you can buy a gun in the US. Then, for whatever reason, you commit a crime - with that gun.

In a country where guns are prohibited, as a non-criminal, you didn't buy a gun. If you go disturbed enough to be in a state where you might come to commit a crime, you still don't have a gun. People who buy guns in countries where guns are prohibited have been criminal for much longer to have that kind of access.

The problem with non-criminals being allowed to buy guns is that when they finally snap, they have a gun.

Comment Re:mod me down please (Score 1) 88

When I read the summary (I didn't read TFA, ha!) i thought by "lost" they meant lost, not dead. Meaning, genetically modified mice are now free to breed with the normal mice in the wild. What would be the consequences of that, I have no idea. It depends how modified were the mice. Will they bring us new diseases? Make mice stronger, leading to overbreeding? I can't see anything good coming out of that anyway.

Comment Hollande's strategy: sneaky taxes. (Score 4, Insightful) 350

Francois Hollande's government has been pulling new creative taxes out of their asses for a little while now. That one's completely silly but it's not the only one. Another one is a new tax on beer. I guess that's how he figures he will raise France problems: raising even more taxes, yey! That's new and usually very popular, right? The fact that it's very sneaky could have worked... if people didn't notice. Some taxes are too silly to get unnoticed. Some others are surfacing up, like a new 15% tax on rents. People are getting pissed. He'd better put these taxes to EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT use or else he's out at next election.

Comment Re:Relative Poverty Value? (Score 1) 696

Oh please... I will probably only cause anger in you but i can't help correct you, even if do it clumsily.

"We have air conditioning everywhere. We have freely available water. Everyone can have a phone, but not just a phone, a cellphone. We have freely available internet." - these obviously cost money... what are you talking about?

"At what point are these people choosing poverty, and if that is the case why should we care?" - at no point does anyone chose poverty; you don't have to care. Choosing or not to do is what separates one from being selfish or selfless, that's it. If you're rich enough that there is absolutely no possibility for you to ever become poor because of a drama in your life you definetly don't have to, but if you're not that rich, you could think of how you'd need people to care if you did become poor yourself.

"However the vast majority of these are people with mental problems who are high-enough functioning to not be compelled into assistance, who then go out and choose this lifestyle." - Yes, right. All these homeless living in constant fear and hunger just chose that confortable life style. Tonight i'll go rest in my sofa in front of the TV but really, deep inside me, what I want is to sleep in the cold and filth of an underbridge, constantly waking up at any noise, scared of being aggressed. That's the life. Seriously, if people have mental issues they need to be taken care of by psychiatrists and possibly mental institutions, not just left to rot in the streets. If you're rich and don't want to care about the poor, fine. Other less selfish people will do it. But don't invent such lame excuses to not care about them and accept the fact that you're selfish.

Comment Re:Poverty level (Score 1) 696

I don't see your point, maybe you'd like to explain more. Your comment can give the impression that if people are poor it's because they are dumb enough to buy an iThingy and an expensive car that they can't afford, but hopefully there is more to it. A family of four living with 22k a year are poor, regardless of how many iThingies they own (and btw, in many places in the US you can't live without a car if you want a job).

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