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Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 291

I have 16 channel docsis 3.0 at 300/15 mbps right now in an Austin, TX suburb so I was coming here to say the same thing. I do hope to see FTTH in the near future, but getting rid of transfer caps/allowances is far more important (I can blow through the 500 GB allowance on my service rather quickly)

Comment Re:Space Race v2.0 (Score 1) 293

If handheld GPS costs $100 and in vehicle navigation costs $2500, it is possible. at 6.5% (sales tax on vehicles, goes to the state, not fed) a family of 4 with one of each has paid $156 is sales taxes alone on stuff that wouldn't exist otherwise. That beats the $35 / resident, but barely.

If you count income taxes on that money it would be over $400, but that money likely would have been spent on something else if the GPS systems weren't there.

Comment Re:File an Anti-Trust Complaint (Score 2) 379

Most cable companies are most heavily regulated by local franchise agreements. If I had Mediacom doing this in my area I would probably have to start attending city council meetings to speak against them at every opportunity. I have a terribly despised ISP in my neighborhood, but they have recently upgraded their network and have provided me with great service (I believe they do NXDomain crap, but I use OpenDNS. They do it too but I have at least chosen them).

Comment Re:Unbreakable? (Score 1) 176

Sony previously avoided the war entirely. Having Other OS kept a great deal of hackers at bay. The problem was a few too many restrictions and tinkers who wanted more power. They would have left the security intact had the system not been crippled from the OtherOS.

Sony should have left well enough alone, fixed the hole, allowed access that people were looking for, and retained Other OS. The war would have quickly fizzled.

As it is now my family gripes every time the thing requires an update to connect and I'm ready to abandon the PS3 completely. I still have a 10GB partition with Linux that I can't use.

Comment Re:Normally (Score 1) 811

None is saying 90% gets passed down. Taxes have been 20% and will probably stay that way. If one person's incremental rate is 90% and another is 5%, the person paying 5% pays more and earns less. The person paying 90% is compensated that much more (and the costs shifted around).

Certainly this isn't 100%, but that's how it is going to usually work out.

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