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Comment OMG!!! Nipples!!! (Score -1) 157

The absurdity of this is being tracked on places like (TopFree) where women who view their breasts as..well...their breasts can post freely. These brave women post pictures of themselves nursng their babies. And they're actually PROUD of this! Oh the HORROR! NIPPLES! BREASTS! WOMEN!!! Of course, this obscenity will never do so Facebook blocks the photos or takes them down as OBSCENE. There should be a special ring in hell for these Facebook Fascists. CW

Submission + - Microsoft, Intel, Cisco to gain from DemStim Plan

Charles Wilson writes: From CNBC/Kudlow Report comes a news bet that the Tech winners from the DemStim Bill will be none other than Microsoft, Intel and Cisco since the TechnoStructure must run on Software and Hardware built for the massive squandering of money that is to come. Nice work, Greenies! All hail State Power! — Running on Microsoft Windows with Intel Inside! through Cisco Hardware. What a bunch of dopes! Good Job! Charles

Submission + - Slashdot Javascript

Charles Wilson writes: Why would Slashdot, friend of Nerds and Linux users everywhere, run a Javascript that freezes LinuxBoxes for 20 seconds? Conspiracy? Sellouts to some ad agency? Alien Takeover of Cowboy N...Nevermind. But seriously folks, I log onto /. and nothing happens for a few seconds and then I get a screen asking to abort the script or continue. This happens with Mepis and PCLinuxOS so it ain't just some hacked box I'm runnin'. Whassup? Your faithful Bad Karma member, CW

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