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Comment I thought I didn't like science (Score 1) 246

For uninteresting reasons I droppedo uto f high school and took the GED. After the science portion, the woman administering the test asked if I liked science. I said "no..." assuming the worst. I scored in the 99th percentile. I got every question right. It took me a while to figure out what happened: I didnt hate science. I hated science *class*. I in fact loved science. But after 11 years, science had gotten so mixed up with science class in my head that I thought I didn't like it. That upset me. I wonder how many others have fallen into that same state I was in.

Comment I am opposed to this. (Score 5, Insightful) 295

The problem isnt advertising. The problem is F***ing obnoxious advertising! FLASHFLASHFLASH HEY THING ITS HEY THING! Or, adservers that lag and wont let the site load. And when they do load, see above. So many flash adds that they crash a browser, or make it unworkable. obnoxious, grating, irritating ads. Id happily unblock adds..Its just when I do, I get ALL THAT again. No matter how long its been. Its like its 2000 still.

Comment And so it goes. (Score 1) 805

I often notice they seem to be going out of their way to go after this guy. Thats not in itself wrong, (though the "essentially a terrorist" part is wrong.) because thats kinda a big crime. But what gets to me, is that they do so much to get this guy...while completely ignoring the problems that were revealed in the leaks.

Comment Re:Seems fair... (Score 2) 680

They are rather terrifying arent they? Know whats fun? When the anti-vacciners go all nuts and start talking about how its all done for profit, ask them their solutions. See how long it takes before you can get them to admit they directly profit from "alternative medicine" (quackery.) Its a shame they have scared idiots so heavily that they will ignore any of that. But if you can keep an idiot from slipping to thier side, at least we've achieved something. Every year the child-sized coffin industry stays down is a good year.

Comment Re:So (Score 1) 680

The problems are bigger than that. Theres no easy source of issue. For instance, we are overusing antibiotics. There is no quesiton there. But our bigger problems are with viral agents. And of course, prions. And good luck trying to explain to someone why Archaea are different from Bacteria. Theres also things people dont even realise theyre doing. Like, anti-bacterial hand gel. That is one of the worst ideas (at a consumer level) ever. Anything it doesnt kill is now immune to the damn gel and has no competition in its enviornment -- your skin. Have you been to a doctor in recent years? The last one i was at had "do not ask for antibiotics for your viral disease" posters. There are actually posters about this. Why a doctor cant just tell someone "no" is beyond me but... And we arent actively changing anything, I dont even know what you mean by that. When I got my (thankfully not antibiotic resistant) staph infection a year ago, no one told me it wasnt a big deal. But then, 40 skin ulcers (there were more; thats how many scars I have from them. not all formed scars.) in a 24 year old tends to be a big deal. So yes, these things will occur. And it will be bad. But will it be "300,000,000 dead in less than a century" bad, as is the case with smallpox? No. You know we have destroyed two viral agents thanks to our efforts. Thats two more than ever went away on their own...even if one is rinderpest. We either fight or die. And in a world with less than a days travel to anywhere on the globe, "Die" is easy.

Comment Mars Attacks (Score 1) 124

I dont know why, but the image of the silly aliens making the translators say silly things as they attacked people came into my head. I mean, imagine if someone got access to it. They could replace Jupiter's definition with a series of cat pictures with oddly worded phrases attached. Or they could remove or change some number in some equaiton, or a couple of words, in a way that would be much harder to detect. Oh, sure right now its not that big a deal cause we still do have phyiscal copies... I dunno, I'm probably just paranoid. Its not like the corporations or any aspect of a government has ever just accidently lost very important information or forgot to ever set a password or literally lost computers full of sensitive information many many times now. Because if that were true, I'd be terrified.

Comment Re:You want Mensa to save you??? (Score 1) 469

Being a prodigy is not always a good thing. I'd be easily in those numbers, at least based on my ridiculously high standardized testing scores. But the world makes sense to me. Things have always worked in a way that is logical and fits together. So I got lazy. Whats the point of ever trying when you know you'll succeed before you even start? The complete destruction of our education system and pandering to the lowest, while taking advanced stuff from those hwo could use it is breaking everything.

Comment Re:Why have Americans become nancies? (Score 1) 225

I wish more of them became 'nancies' as the OP wrote. Maybe once more in the US started doing it, those of us who actively enjoy it (mostly in the gay community) wont be stigmatized as much...although we do have that problem of being unassertive so your guess is as good as mine.

Comment I nearly went insane. (Score 1) 344

I play Pokemon Black and am dangerously in love with it. As anyone who plays this knows, theres a feature called the Dream World and Game Sync. If you change the time on your DS, OR play the game in another DS, it forces you to wait 24 hours before you can use game sync (and thus, Dream World) again. This literally caused a minor panic attack... ...Keep in mind, I have a major panic disorder. Things like the sun ("Its millions of miles away and is hot enough to BURN ME WTF!") can cause significant panic. So its not as pathetic as it may initially seem.

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