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Comment Comcast + Bug Bounty + ugh (Score 1) 182

God, Comcast is the friggin' worst. I escalated a security risk to Comcast a few months back. Exposed passwords, ssh keys, infrastructure scripts (.exp, .sh, .awk), logs, etc. Pretty deep shit. It took a few hours to get ahold of someone to fix it, but they actually fixed it really surprisingly quickly afterwards and held a meeting later in the day. They brought up potentially starting up a bug bounty and starting me as a pilot of it, kind of. Welp, I eventually got in contact with their CISO and asked her about it. "It's not a bug bounty program, so we're not going to pay you." Very clear what their intentions are with privacy, security, etc.

Comment Also parking tickets, but... (Score 1) 93

I was invited to Fioretti's office to talk about a non-trivial number illegal parking tickets I found. Their campaign manager said that it would be "golden" for the campaign. Yet, a week later, they completely stopped contact with me by not returning my calls/texts/emails. They even stopped contact with the person that introduced me to their campaign team. My first thought was that they're busy, but Fioretti keeps bringing up ticketing, so they're obviously interested in the idea..

The only reason that I could think of is that Fioretti's team found a bunch of illegal tickets in their ward for one of my search criteria. Out of the 50 wards or so, his ward tended to pop up more than others...

Also, why in the hell do I still need to insert HTML into a fucking comment?! This should have been fixed years ago, FFS.

Comment What the fuck? (Score 2) 65

*Open data can create a new kind of digital divide, between those who have the ability and skill to use such data and those who don’t, putting the latter at a disadvantage.

What the ever living fuck? Did the author think this through? Don't have the ability and skill to fix your broken toilet?! Just cry disadvantage!

The author of this article has obviously never worked with open data or knows anybody who has. There are an incredible number of benefits to having access to open data. For example, groups like Chicago's Open Gov Hack Night have done some pretty amazing things:


Comment Re:Easy to solve - calibrate them to overestimate (Score 1) 398

As true as that may be.... holy shit. A potential of 100ms difference between lights? How the hell does that happen?

Why doesn't their automated ticketing system have a check for that? It should be a couple lines of code in their reporting software.

Instead, people have to go to court to contest these. That never works, though, since tickets are pretty uncontestable AND they don't allow appeals.

Comment Re:Easy to solve - calibrate them to overestimate (Score 2) 398

Funny thing, they actually did very similar recently:

"It was a fraction of a second that no driver really noticed. But the difference between a 2.9 second yellow light and a 3.0 second yellow light meant about 77,000 tickets for Chicago motorists, and a $7.7 million windfall for the city’s coffers, according to the Chicago Tribune.:

Also, a shoutout to anybody who's interested in doing open data in Chicago to fight systems like this with data crunching:

Comment Re:It's okay when I do it... (Score -1, Flamebait) 429

but, so help me God, if Comcast blocks bittorrent traffic, I'm going to call for heads to roll!

I really wish I had mod points to downvote this garbage post.

If tor promised X amount of bandwidth to all of its users, your point would be more valid. That's not the case. Comcast is a PAID service that promises X amount of bandwidth. Tor and Comcast should never, ever be compared in this way. It's a fucking shame that people even think your post is upvoteable.

The people who use tor for downloading movies/music/etc should be hanged. They're ruining it for those who use it for legit purposes.

Submission + - What would your first 24 hours of a "I've got to disappear" plan look like? 1

diacritica writes: "This Ask Slashdot is inspired by à-la-Bourne movies but taking a more realistic approach to the world we live in. You are native to and live in a big city (> 1M pop) in a G8 country of your choosing. T = 0h, you accidentally witness a strange event. T = 1h, you realize you're being followed AND you get the feeling that the police/government might be involved. Context data: you are able to speak one language apart from good English. You are 25 to 45 years old. You are computer savvy. You are engaged/married, you have family living in the same city. 99% of your money is in a bank account. You prefer to go "rationally" paranoid. What would you do in order to feel safe after those 24h? Remember, you didn't commit a crime, but there are plenty of real-world resources invested in catching you."

Submission + - Finding My Summer Vacation's Shortest Path (

CowboyRobot writes: "Clay Breshears at Dr. Dobb's has a fun formula for optimizing the drive between multiple cities. "Think of a map as an instance of a graph, the cities are the nodes and the roads between cities are the edges. The length of the road is the weight of the corresponding edge. The All-Pairs Shortest Path problem takes a graph of n nodes represented by an n x n weight matrix, W. The result is an n x n matrix, D (for distance), where the D[i][j] entry holds the minimum weight of the path from node i to node j. Entries in the W matrix can be zero, positive (if a direct edge lies between the two nodes), or the infinity value where there is no direct edge between the nodes.""

Comment Re:What Kind of 'Hiring?' (Score 1) 135

I work at a large exchange in Chicago.. We had about five Sun technicians who worked on our servers with any hardware issues. Great guys, all of them. Any issue we had, they'd almost guarantee to fix it. Then Sun let them go, and forced the software division to come out and work on our equipment. Now we have about 10 new guys, all software-side. They give us horrible support and have to call their helpdesk every ten minutes to fix any issue they haven't seen yet. It takes probably three times as long for any issue to fix itself nowadays.

Thanks, Sun.


Submission + - Contest Speed Limit with Google Street View?

Chappsterr writes: Last night I was pulled over for reportedly going 60mph in a 45mph zone. I knew for a fact that the speed limit was 55, so when I got home I went onto Google Street View and traveled along the highway to check out the speed limit. Sure enough, the speed limit was 55. I took a screenshot of the speed limit sign, along with the location that I was pulled over at (which oddly enough has a 'Speed Limit Ahead: 45' sign at). I'm thinking that this is enough for me to win a case. Would Slashdot agree?

Comment Re:i always thought the big bang was bullshit (Score 1) 408

The short answer is this:

No matter which direction we look into space, the expansion of the universe is always going to be the same. This sounds kind of obvious until you realize that 13.72 billion light years one way, and the same distance another way are incommunicable, and they've been incommunicable ever since the universe was created - light cannot travel from one point of our obvservable universe to another because it would then have to travel at twice the speed of c. Because these incommunicable points in space are the same in an infinite series of characteristics, then it's fair to assume that these physics are NOT local.

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