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Journal Journal: FIRST POST!!!!

Well, /. has a journal for it's users. What the hell, if I use this, I may use my LiveJournal eventually.

I expect I will use this mostly for talking about tech, and things related to tech.

Scary to be an old timer, look at my s00p3p l33t 3 digit user number.

I first heard of linux back in the early '90s, I think somewhere I have single diget Linux Journal issue numbers, I've got some old Linux CDs from distributions no one has heard of, and a Red Hat 3.0.3 CD, I think I might have a 2.0 RH cd too. But the first version I really did anything with was 4, as it had the gui PPP config tool. I was never cool enough to set it up by hand.

I've mostly used Solaris (2.6-2.8) at work.

I've monkied with NextStep on Next hardware a tiny bit, and with 3.1-4.2DR2 on Intel, and up through the second beta of OS X. No proprietary hardware for me any more.

I've also done a bit with Digital Unix (or what ever they are calling it this week) and Alpha hardware, old suns, and who only knows what else.

I am an old Macintosh hand.

I was (am) a big fan of the First Person Shooter. I'm a very good Head Hunter player (Quake mod). Mostly a knowledge type player, not a great shot, but I know where everything is, and how to use it to the fullest advantage. I once did a 1 on 3 blowout in Capture The Flag (hey, there were 3 quad damage power ups on the level, and I knew about all of them, my oponents, none).

I need a job, preferably in the central or northern California area.

I do a bit of Perl and Shell scripting.

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