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Comment Why I like Califonia (Score 1) 148

This is why like California, and one of the reasons the tech industry is out her (rather than, say, Boston). Non competes for ordinary workers are not enforceable. As long as he doesn't give his new company specific information, you are good. The skills you learned are yours. Around Route 128 (Boston), they sued people who switched jobs, people stopped, companies lost cross fertilization, and silicon valley cleaned their clocks. DEC, Wang, Prime, etc.

Comment For the FUTURE! (Score 1) 203

"So i assume Product Management was right with their decision to remove the support in order to make the feature i can't talk of possible, as i don't think that many of the early migrators are still using the system in question, as most systems have reached EOSL."

And as he points out, how many people upgrade their server OS major version? The newest machines cut off are more than two years old, and no one is going for 11 today unless they have to, people will let it sit a while before they switch, if they are going to upgrade stuff, so by the time they do, this will be more than 3 years old.

Comment Re:It's complete bullshit (Score 0) 1017

Really? Drink say, 300 calories of glucose with each meal for a month, then do a month doing the same with fructose. You will gain more weight with the fructose, and it will be among your organs and in your liver. This is bad.

I think there is quite a bit more what has gone wrong with our diets than just this, but it is a big one.

Comment what stealth fighter? (Score 4, Insightful) 339

We have some blurry photos of a largish fighter or light bomber, with a shape that looks like it was designed with a low RCS (Radar Cross Section) in mind, that would be done using equations the USSR published in the 1960s (never thinking that computers would become fast enough for them to be practical). What you would get from an F117 wreck would be RAM (Radar Absorbant Materiels), but how you can tell what an aircraft is made from via those photos is beyond me. Get the info from a US aircraft trying to track it, and you can say something, but all we can do with what is known now is speculate (which sure is fun).

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 163

If you are enough of a god to fully use it, the Cell is an awesome CPU. You have a simple PPC cpu (I want to say two threads, no out of order, but good theoretical IPC), and 8 processors, each with their own 256KB of memory. Of course, you have to manage those processors and their memory usage, without killing the main memory bus.........not simple or easy, though if you think about it as a extremely CISC vector machine, it may well make sense for scientific computing (stream data several sets, mangle it through the Cell, write it out).

Comment Re:How about holding them to one qualifcations std (Score 2, Interesting) 763

Just make it so that if the H1B visa holder pays a reasonable fee, say, a prorated $20,000, they can leave the job and get another, keeping the visa. Then companies will have to pay US market rates for people.

But frankly, they should be convertible to a green card (permanent resident), we want to steal all the smart people from other countries, not train them for a few years, then send them home.

Comment Re:What do you expect? I expect standards (Score 1) 470

Microsoft pushed hard to get people to code to IE6, and to use Active X (security? what security?), resulting in something that is stuck on one version of one browser. It was clear at the time to me that this was a bad idea, frankly, I'm just glad it turned out to be even worse (MS was forced to clean up their act, thus breaking compatibility with IE6).

Comment Kinesis Advantage (Score 3, Insightful) 310

Granted, by default they have stuff done with your right thumb, but I believe the keyboard is fully remapable, so you can fix that. They don't say what kind of switches they use, but they are very clicky, with a nice feel. I have used them for years, and really like them.

Comment Re:Reality check (Score 1) 261

I wish I was. While I hate citing Time as a source, I've seen this other places, this is just the first that came up when I went looking.,8599,1967306,00.html

"We have studies that claim up to 90% effectiveness against death from all causes [in inoculated patients compared with the nonvaccinated]. If you were to believe that evidence, you would believe that flu vaccine is effective against death not only from influenza, but also from heart attack, stroke, hypothermia, accidents and all other common causes of death among the elderly. That is quite clearly nonsense."

Comment Re:Reality check (Score 1) 261

Well, there is reason to think the flu vaccine does nothing.

You are far less likely to die of the flu if you get it, but it seems equally effective at preventing accidental death, and all cause mortality, which makes it seem that it is compliance effect (that people who are good about taking what the doc gave them live longer, even if it is a placebo).

Comment Re:For example (Score 1) 261

Do some reading in the Paleo and low carb communities, there is no data that exercise leads to weight loss (it is good for health reasons, etc, but it will not make you thin). Unless you really want the goal (winning aerobic fitness based events, ie tour de france or just a marathon), high output aerobics seems to be harmful (check out Mark's Daily Apple, he made his living in that world for two decades).

Low output aerobics, occasional max effort work, seems to be what people are made for. The Army has moved from long runs to sprints, a sprinter can do the runs, and you spend less time and fewer injuries than the runner training.

check out who they link to.

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