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Comment Re:I think I speak for everyone... (Score 4, Interesting) 84

I rather disagree. Stage6 was indeed high quality, which was nice, but the plugin required for it was hideous. It caused my browser to crash many, many times, and half the time it didn't work, providing the message "Could not download video file." I'm a rather glad to see it go, if only because I won't have to deal the plugin anymore.

Submission + - Facebook wants to collect users' email passwords

ScottSCY writes: It seems that Facebook has added a new feature that allows users to find friends in their email address books who have accounts on Facebook. The only thing you have to do is provide them your email address (they take gmail, yahoo, msn, aol, and more) and your email account password. They will then retrieve your address book. Clearly this is a huge security issue, but don't worry, Facebook says "Facebook won't email anyone without your permission, and we won't store your email or password." Well that's a relief.
Operating Systems

Submission + - Are .tmp files necessary or just bad programming?

planckscale writes: After spending another hour deleting .tmp files from a bloated XP machine I started to wonder, is the .tmp file necessary when coding an application on the MS platform? Why do so many apps produce .tmp files and is it just because of bad coding or does the use of them dramatically speed up an app? Don't coders use dev/null to reduce them in linux? I can understand the use of them in case an app crashes for recovery purposes, but why don't more apps have the capacity to delete their own .tmp files once they are done with them? Is it too much to ask to at least have the option when closing an app to delete your temp files?

Disney - Blu-ray's Fair Weather Friend 138

An anonymous reader writes "One day they're out, the next day they're in. Back in March, Disney CEO Bob Iger seemed to indicate that his company (which has exclusively backed Blu-ray since the start of the high-def format war) was on the verge of supporting *both* high-def formats. What a difference a couple of months of good press for Blu-ray makes: this week, the CEO reversed his earlier position, saying 'the single greatest thing we can do right now is to not waffle, but to be very, very blunt about it, (and) to continue our support of Blu-ray because we sense a real advantage.'"

'Gates for President' Group Gives Up 274

netbuzz writes "Dilbert creator Scott Adams had done his best to make this fantasy (or nightmare, depending on your point of view) a viable notion, but after three months of trying the group's leader has acknowledged that it's unlikely Gates will give up his current gig. They've tossed in the towel." Here is our original coverage of this ill-conceived plan.

Feed Scanner Sees Through Clothes (

For the first time in a U.S. airport, Phoenix tests new X-ray technology that can see through people's clothes and show the body's contours with blush-inducing clarity. By Associated Press.


Submission + - Quake-back

Snospar writes: "Everyone has the urge to try something old.

Whether it's an old racing game, the thrill of an adventure almost finished, or a 3D shooter where we reckon we saw the final boss (from a distance), every so often we find some old dusty disk box/jewel case and decide it's time to try for glory once more. Sure, it'll be easier now; the new machine glows (it heats your flat), you'll be able to run the graphics full on, the sound this time will be... surround?

And then of course it all goes wrong: "Could not mmap /dev/dsp".

The game runs but without any sound at all! Or harder to diagnose, the game runs but without graphics, or perhaps input. You spend the next few hours trying all sorts of things you grabbed from Google but alas, they're all out of date because you're trying to play: back in time and the laws of physics don't allow that.

If you have children with Windows98 games (of a certain DirectX vintage) that they still want to play now, you'll understand the creepy feeling I got that perhaps Linux was repeating the same mistakes MS made.

But you forgot the power of open source. Good old id Software released the code to Quake3 ages ago. It's had time to evolve into a mature and (so far) stable engine which I hope will prove the basis for many more games. It has the advantage that modern hardware makes it look superb and yesterdays hardware can still render it with ease. Perhaps some more games developers will take the step back in time and start concentrating on innovative game play instead of this years eye candy. Or perhaps we'll all just spend a few hours in Q3A reminiscing about the good old frags.

I was lucky, I found the ioquake3 site and now I'm playing 64-bit Quake3 like the good old days. Without open source I'd be stuck with my memories."

Submission + - Open Alternative to the iPhone?

schlick writes: When I watched the iPhone presentation I was pretty impressed. When I found out that it will only be available on the Cingular/Att network that pretty much killed any enthusiasim I had for the device. The fact that it is a closed platform is just another nail in the coffin. Despite what Jobs says, most of us geeks know that open==good. So what is the alternative? How about the OpenMoko Neo 1973? Sean Moss-Pultz explains the phone and some of the philosophy behind it. Their home page says they will be shipping devices this month, but I don't think that is likely. Open hardware, Open software, what's not to like?

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