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Comment Re:american companies have quit looking long term (Score 2) 245

Quite true. Most American companies have to show more revenue and profits than what they got in the previous quarter, else the shareholders will scream bloody murder. However, the Asian companies have got it right: profits don't matter. Marketshare does. Once you have control over the market bordering on the monopolistic, you can charge what you feel like. They also make long term investments (like Samsung in TFA). On the other hand, you have companies like HP whose operations seem to be planned on a day-to-day basis. Even then, they have trouble sticking to their plans (or CEOs).

Comment Nothing new (Score 1) 211

The Russians and the Chinese have been at it for decades. Also, they couldn't care less about the computers used by the general public; they're after military nets, defense contractors, and other high tech companies. As for the Iranians, I dunno. Its not as if the U.S. broke into their facilities and wreaked havoc..

Comment Look beyond Home (Score 5, Informative) 70

Decent SoC, enough RAM for most, 720p display (only 4.3" across!) and the fact that Home can be ripped off to reveal a perfectly functioning stock Jelly Bean: isn't this the ideal mid-range device? If you're not the kind who upgrades from a Samsung GS3 to a GS4 because of the "OMG four extra cores!!!", this phone + a tablet (iPad/Google Nexus) should keep you happy.

Comment Re:Google self-censored Wash. DC and other sites (Score 1) 104

I don't know about other countries, but in India's case, many of the installations requested to be blurred were nuclear facilities. Considering that the terrorists behind the 2008 Mumbai attacks used Google Earth to plan their sightseeing http://www.hindustantimes.com/technology/IndustryTrends/Google-Earth-used-in-26-11-terror-attacks/SP-Article1-857188.aspx the censoring is justified. I guess the same goes with the other countries.
Three things wrong with this case, however:
1. The French facility is not the storage depot for weapons grade uranium or something. Its just a radio station. It was relatively unknown and obscure till this incident happened. Streisand effect, anyone?
2. Most of the "classified" info came from an interview of the facility's commander. http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2013/04/wikipedia-editor-allegedly-forced-by-french-intelligence-to-delete-classified-entry/
3. Despite all this, if the French still wanted to take the article down, they could have simply have gotten a court order to do so. Instead they practically blackmail a volunteer (who had nothing to do with said article) to delete it?

Comment Re:Sad (Score 1) 135

Considering that most developers simply ignore Presto because of its low market share, Opera had no choice. They by no means will cease being an innovative company. Like others have said, the main thing about Opera its users love is its UI and functionality. Now that they have a solid backend, they can concentrate on what they do best, rather than trying to convince the rest of the world to be standards compliant.

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