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Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 174

You're assuming that all revenue goes to gains, whereas only a relatively small portion is actually the operating margin. Then there's the fact that customers may lay down their own lures if the proprietor does nothing.

I imagine there's probably still a net benefit, but it's not quite as clear as you claim here. The largest benefit would probably coming from geeky spots (e.g. gaming bars) having regular events (e.g. Wednesday night Pokemon).

Comment Extra-judicial execution (Score 1) 983

This is revolting. Yes, he was (allegedly) a terrible person who had done terrible things. But this? Even the worst criminals have a right to a fair trial. I'm pretty sure that he fully expected to be murdered by the police no matter what, and the police fulfilled that expectation.

I worry greatly that these events will lead to still more murders by the police (currently we're at ~3/day in the US).

Comment Re:Meaningless (Score 1) 249

And not just any standardized tests, but the specific questions and format used for the IQ test.

IQ is mostly only useful for comparing people with the same demographics and background (e.g. same culture, same education). Even then it's not a great measure because it's only loosely-correlated with anything useful (e.g. how successful a person will be at doing a particular job).

Huge ethical problems arise when comparing different populations on IQ tests. In particular, IQ tests are a favorite go-to for racists to argue that certain races are "inferior", even though we now have very strong evidence that almost the entire difference between different groups of people on IQ tests comes down to how the IQ tests are structured.

Comment Re:So is this a manufactured clickbait story? (Score 1) 245

Still seems to me that it could be a significant concern, if not an immediate concern.

I'd primarily be worried that if a serious vulnerability was discovered, that many systems could retain the vulnerability for many years due to the fact that motherboard BIOSes are frequently not updated for years at a time. Presumably the vulnerability could be mitigated at the OS level, but it still sounds like a potentially worrying source of attack, and I'd feel a lot better if it were made open-source.

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