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Submission + - The Soul, Tech, and Last Journey of Jim Gray (

digaman1 writes: "When Jim Gray went missing on his sailboat last January, the world lost more than one of the fathers of the relational database and a leading Microsoft researcher. Gray was also hard at work with oceanographers, geneticists, and climate experts to hasten an era of "data-centric science" based on the availability of cheap sensing devices, multi-terabyte databases, and online interfaces that give equal access to amateur scientists. (Also: The first complete timeline of Gray's last journey.)"

Submission + - The Technology behind the search for Jim Gray (

krow writes: "Wired has published an article on the technology behind the search for Jim Gray. It is a good set of highlights of his career and the people he worked with during it, and how they applied technology to solve the problem of trying to find him. Greasemonkey scripts, private jets, Ocean going robots, etc were used. Its an amazing read on what can be done with "human" search technology."

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