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Comment Re:Gender imbalance is self selected (Score 1) 579

What you want to have happen is completely irrelevant. If you want it badly enough, make it happen.

Else, don't.

That's right. it's an if/then statement.

The problem with your argument, and *ALL* arguments from Feminist SJW's is that there are unpleasant elements or barriers to entry for women that discourage them from participation, make them feel unwelcome or unwanted.

Well, tough crap. It happens to men too, all the time. No, not just sometimes. Everyone has to deal with things they don't like about their job, but most of us just suck it up and learn to deal with it, since we are generally assumed to be beyond high school.

You cannot change a culture if you're unwilling to participate in it in order to change it. If you expect any culture to change itself just because women want it to, that's not going to happen.

Roll your sleeves up and get to work.

Comment Re:Gender imbalance is self selected (Score 1) 579

The amount of sheer idiocy that is a result of misunderstood statistics, studies and numbers is a plague endemic on all levels of our culture. From News Media to Political Agendas, people have a very poor understanding of how numbers work and how statistics need to be studied to be understood. Essentially, the vast proportion of the populace are morons or lazy armchair quarterbacks who don't feel they need to understand what they are spouting off to have an opinion. My Aesthetics professor in College had the argument that you can say that some people's Opinions are worth less than others, despite the fact that people think the opposite. I find this to be the case usually.

Comment Why would Google Sue... (Score 2) 394

...When Google itself seems to believe you don't deserve to have certain kinds of privacy? (In regards to Schmidt and Gundotra's perspective that the service they are pushing, Google Plus, is supposed to be an identification service used to make sure that real user information is being used). Yes, this makes Google look bad, but it's also proof as to why not anonymizing yourself on the internet is stupid. (And yes, I realize that anonymization doesn't protect you from the NSA, but it is at least one additional layer of obfuscation, which apparently even Google should realize at this point is important).

Comment Seems like... (Score 1) 1

...Just an excuse for censorship. Don't computers still have an off switch? How is it harassment/bullying when you can turn it off? Is it the bleedthrough to real life? Because if that's the case, maybe kids should learn to anonymize themselves online rather than trust to the vagaries of the intarwebs.

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