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Journal Chacham's Journal: Slashdot Habits: Removing foes 13

I guess it had to happen at some point. I removed all my foes. Since i no longer read slashdot stories, the main point of my foe list has been obviated. Plus, a general cleaning is good once in a while.

If i got it correct, here's the removed list by first character:

A 27
B 25
c 21
d 29
e 13
f 12
g 15
h 12
i 9
j 18
k 7
l 12
m 27
n 14
o 8
p 11
q 3
r 15
s 37
t 16
u 3
v 2
w 9
x 4
y 2
z 5
_ 1

which is a total of 357.

I did it all much too quickly though.

Also removed friends with no JEs since November.

If required, foe rules start again with the next JE. Hopefully though, i won't need it.

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Slashdot Habits: Removing foes

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