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News: Customised Classics

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  • by daniil ( 775990 ) *
    I wonder if i could star as the Hound of the Baskervilles :H

    What's more, if you choose the Happy Ending Version a new scene is added with an unexpected plot twist -- the lovers live happily ever after! A short scene is added after Act V Scene III. It turns out the apothecary's poison didn't work and Romeo survives, and Juliet's stabbing of herself merely made her pass out.

    That would make much of the story pretty pointless. Better to just leave out the last act altogether

  • You know, I seem to remember that we had something like it in my childhood. It was called using your own imagination or something. Evidently a lost art nowadays?!
  • Well, it's flattering to see a mention here. Out of interest, how did you find us?
    • Mentioned by the LCSNA newsletter, which i finally got around to reading. :)

      I am tempted to purchase AW and TTLG.

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