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  • now don't feel so lonely
    • Wohoo! Someone has heard my cry!

      I decided to add a link to my journal in my sig to see if it would cause people to check it out.

      • I guess that it worked since I clicked on your sig and then read your journal.

        I won't make it a habit, because tonight I have a final exam and I was procrastinating by clicking on your sig. Normaly I wouldn't do that.

        On a final note, you have a remarkably low user #. How long have you been reading /.? I've been reading since 97, and my user # is around 100,000 (for my other user ID).

        • I've searched other people's journals now and then, just for the fun of it. Maybe I should see yours, should you have one.

          I love the low id. Let's see. I found slashdot hmm... I don't remember when. It was after he moved to, but before the user id thing showed up. Maybe a few months before slashdot had logins.

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