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Journal Chacham's Journal: Question: Do you listen to non-mainstream music? 13

Do you listen to strange music? I generally listen to Jewish and Classical music. Amongst Classical i like Romantic (particularly Tchaikovsky). Usually when searching for music Romanticism and Tchaikovsky are easy finds.

Jewish music, however, is quite different. It is a very small segment of the market, as it targets and very small segment of people. And yet within it i specifically like children's choirs from the 70s and 80s. (Right now i'm listening to London School Of Jewish Song, Mah Nuvu (1969)). Music applications will not have such a listing, and stores will not carry it. This is understandable. I don't expect it, would be quite suprised otherwise.

But, that got me thinking. Are there other such niche markets? What do you listen to? Just curious.

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Question: Do you listen to non-mainstream music?

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  • Not exactly a niche market, more like leftovers. In the mid-90's is when I bought most of my music, but not the top forty. I would find the $1.99 CDs and $.99 tapes in bins and buy those. Usually I would find some decent 80's hair bands that folks would have forgotten and thought best forgotten. But hey, I like 80's hair bands. Otherwise I like to listen to 70's rock and some more or less "not played on the radio" bands from the 90's, like Dream Theater (originally a $.99 tape I found) and also one my
    • i listen to electronica classical every chance i get, and regular classical the rest... there's a bizarre version of Fur Elise out there that i'm fond of... i'm big into minor eighties groups and artists. Nik Kershaw, for example.
      • My wife and I have been lucky enough to see their Christmas concert twice. First time was a couple years ago in an excellent concert hall, the second time was in a stadium arena which wasn't very good.

        They come to town every year for the last four years, but usually sell out the day *cough* hour *cough* tickets hit the streets.
        • Hey, you're the guy that mentions his wife in every post he makes. That's awesome. Good for you, you're married.

          Do you mind if I start mentioning your wife in every post I make? It could go something like:

          This guy's wife [slashdot.org] bought me a guitar for my birthday so the only music I listen to is the music I create!

          • Well, lets see... I do a lot of stuff with my wife. Over all I would say we have an excellent relationship, many similar interests, and our hobbies overlap quite a bit. As such, if I were to have said, "I went to this TSO concert..." it would be true, but it would not be accurate.

            I guess if you have an issue with me mentioning my wife, you could always foe me and deep six my comments. Then you wouldn't have to deal with them either. Its up to you though.

            If you wanted to be more direct, you could alwa
            • I was just joking big fella. You just had two comments in the thread where you brought up your wife so I took a shot at you.

              Although, there are some on Slashdot and in real life that become so enthralled with the fact that they have a significant other, that they cannot stop mentioning that fact.

              I think I'll stick with my method of linking to you, no need to drag this guy's wife [slashdot.org] into my joke.

  • I'm currently listening to the soundtrack from Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien. It's synthesized, a little jazzy, and nice to listen to while I'm coding.
  • If it's less than 10 years old and plays on commercial radio, I probably haven't heard it.

    I tend towards stuff on college radio or stuff that *used* to play on college radio -- some of which is now 'classic rock' (like Jimi). Heavy into 80s-style goth and industrial (even 80s rap), 70s-style funk, and '67-74-ish rock like Velvet Underground, or Iggy and the Stooges.

    I'll listen to most anything, though. Rimsky-Korsakov's Scheherezade is a favorite (and popular) classical piece, and Stan Rodgers a favorit
  • but you'll never know!

    if it's not mainstream and electronic, i probably dig it. right now i'm listening to the CD music has the right to children by boards of canada. yesterday i listened to a lot of man...or astroman?'s music, but they're more surf guitar and b sci fi than electronic. both of those bands would pass your obsenity filter, as long as you avoid live man...or astroman? recordings. sometimes they swear between songs. but both bands are mostly intrumental. i love aphex twin. i dig bjork,
  • Most of what I tend to like peopple have never heard of. My bent is toward electronic stuff starting in the 80s but eventually extanding back to the 60s and 70s as well as embracing new electronic stuff in the 90s and 00s. The thing is the electronic music scene was pretty dead in the early 90s because of the major focus on guitar bands. Sure there was good stuff, but a lot of it was harder to find even by non-mainstream standards.

    I don't dislike everything guitar oriented but it really has to have some
  • I mostly listen to Christian music, which I like in a variety of flavors: pop/rock, acoustic jam sessions, instrumental, and jazz. Celtic and a capella are good if you can find them. And Messianic music [galileeofthenations.com] is fabulous.

    On the secular side, jazz is my favorite. I like Wynton Marsalis, Duke Ellington, and Preservation Hall Jazz Band (New Orleans). I also listen to some blues, instrumental (soundtracks), and a little classical.

    A few years ago, I picked up a CD called Serenity Sampler [top-music.info]. The cover says, "Beautifu

  • My collection includes; A heap of old MP3 artists, Biftek, Blue Man Group, Boo Boo & Mace, Craig Armstrong, Dead Can Dance, Dune, Endorphin, Fluke, Kyoko Date, Orbital, Paul van Dyk, Sharon Apple, Sonic Animation & Wendy Rule. (I have two tracks on my iPod called Entropy.)
  • Most of my collection is pretty ecclectic, including both mainstream
    and not so mainstream music. But one of the biggest things I go out of my
    way to listen to are (bad) Techno Remixes of songs, like the techno remix
    of the Simpsons Theme Song.

    Course, beyond that there is also my love for local and lesser known Dark,
    Dark Dance, and Heavy Metal(just as a brief example)
    Bands like:
    Saviour Servant
    Black Tape for a Blue Girl [blacktapef...uegirl.com]
    Mira [www.mira.nu]
    Rasputina [rasputina.com]
    Hogscraper [cinci.com]

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