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Journal Chacham's Journal: Got the Complete Far Side 3

Last week i was over my mother's house and saw her copy of "The Last Chapter and Worse." I have the five anthologies, but not that book. So, i decided, it was time to get it.

Low and behold, Slashdot mentioned the Complete Far Side. So, i got it from Amazon. Just looked at it. The box and casing are nice. The pictures on the outside covers are interesting. They are jokes, but it look half dignified. Cute. The inner pages leave *a lot* of empty room. It's really nice.

My only complaint (so far) is the binding. The books are heavy. Each book is thick, and the paper is sturdy. The binding however is pretty cheap. For something that costs nearly one-hundred dollars, i would have expected a decent binding, such as is found on other similarly priced books. The binding is not to be played down. Its what keeps the cover on, and the paper together. Considering that i like to review the far side, and that friends will want to as well, i bet it'll start falling apart within a few months.

OTOH, i can't wait to read it. :)

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Got the Complete Far Side

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  • Amazon has got The Complete Far Side [] for $94.50. I'm surprised you didn't include a link in your write-up. I did see that they were selling a $750.00 version. I like the Far Side but I don't like the Far Side that much.
  • by MiTEG ( 234467 )
    Last time I was home, I was bored so I started reading my Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes books. Their so addictive! I kind of wish I hadn't left them at home.

    If I hadn't bought each collection as it came out, I'd probabl buy the complete versions.
    • You'd also probably buy the complete version if the price wasn't so high. Where do they get off charging that much when the numerous collections have sold well? They know that they have a loyal audience who's been buying the same material for years now and this is the final insult. The cost of producing that work is nowhere near $135. The papers, pens, and pencils have all been paid for quite nicely with the previous works. It's a shame Gary didn't just say, "Well, we'll make a profit but since this is real

At these prices, I lose money -- but I make it up in volume. -- Peter G. Alaquon