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Journal Chacham's Journal: Dress shirts 5

White dress shirts. I always like to buy the same clothes. All my socks are the same, all my pants are the same, and everything else has little or no difference. Except dress shirts. Whenever i go to the store they never have enough shirts of the same brand and style. I have this dream about opening my closet one day and having ten or twenty dress shirts, all exactly the same. I don't like change, and choice generally bothers me. I *want* to wear the same thing every day.

Well, i'm up for some new shirts, so i want to do it correctly this time. The stores that have good deals never have enough of the same shirt, and other stores want forty, fifty, or even sixty dollars a shirt. For a slice of cotton that's mighty expensive.

Anyone know of a decent place to buy shirts? Or am i dreaming thinking i can pay twenty dollars each, for ten decent, cotton, dress shirts?

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Dress shirts

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