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Journal Chacham's Journal: Verbiage.: Memories: /., ICQ, Windows 95. 8

When did you start reading /.? I started somewhere between Chips & Dips and /. pre-uids. I remember checking in that fateful morning, seeing ids, thinking "neat", and except for about 45 days, have faithfully read slashdot daily (now *that* is scary). Can't quite figure out what year that was though.

Must be around ICQ time. I remmeber finding a mention of this new thingy called ICQ from the Duke Nuk'em 3D developers site. I installed it, got my sub-200k id, and fought for it against my AIM buddies, until i just started to like AIM more. Of course, that was when i used Pow-Wow, and who knows how many other chat utilities.

Then there was that time i downloaded this new thing called Windows 94^H5 from USENET. I still think NT 3.51 was Microsoft's best OS.

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Verbiage.: Memories: /., ICQ, Windows 95.

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  • I think that was the best MS OS...Though I must agree that NT 3.51 was good.

    You are pretty far ahead of me in the ICQ/SLASHDOT game...although I read /. for a long time before I got an ID.

    How about your first Linux distro? Mine was Slackware 2.1 I believe...not positive though. A friend of mine brought over a Linux book that had 2 cds...1 with Slackware and the other with a distro I didn't care for.
    • My first was Slackware. Bought the book, "Linux Configuration and Installation, Second Edition." Which, " Includes Slackware 96.
  • I read it a few times before it was /. Since then, I've dutifully refreshed it every day that I have internet connection. Like Chacham, I signed up for a UID on the first day.

    ICQ was introuduced to me via a friend from IRC. I have a 'relatively' low UID there as well (2402187), but not quite as low as Chacham's. Since then, I've primarily using YIM and AIM.

    Through an act of god, I managed to squeeze 95 onto my first computer (first as in actually mine) a 486/33 SX with 4 MB ram and a 120 MB Drive. Sh
    • 120MB? Eek, I had to upgrade to more than that just to get Windows3.11 on! Of course all the DOS applications I already had were what was taking up most of the space.
  • I'm a newbie :(
    I think I first started reading /. early 2002, dunno when I got my ICQ no (116780903), but I do remember when my m8 had a brand new Pentium with Windows 95 :-P. Played FIFA '97 up at his, as my 486 w/ 3.1 was a bit slow...
    Oh, and my first Linux distro was RH 6.0 :(...

    [Although I think I might get out a book from the college library w/ RH 4 on its CD, just for novelty value...]
  • ... Probably. I read for a long time but never got a UID, or I can't remember what it was.
  • I don't have a timeline on when I started reading slashdot, but it was probably about 6 months before I finally signed up for an account. I didn't post for quite a while after that though, I was just sick of the standard defaults that slashdot uses.

    I can't stand "+1" for high karma, usually its just a represenation of "+1, I think like everyother slashbot." There are a couple other things, that I modify to, like foes and freaks don't get a "-1", they get a "+0", and friends and fans get a "+1".
  • ICQ, wow, that brings back memories. Guess I'm a little behind on the trends -- I had a 3-million-something UIN. Still, even the 7 digit ones are becoming less common (on the rare occasions I actually sign in using it). Most of the people I talk to these days are on Jabber or AIM or (yuck) MSN. I still think gAIM is the best client ever.

    I started reading slashdot right around the time of this article []. Didn't bother to actually create an account for some time after that. Looking at all the juicy low I