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Journal Chacham's Journal: Question: Longest newsgroup thread? 8

I'm in the middle of a large thread (>450 messages) on USENET. While each message is usually connected to the one above it, the overall connection pretty much does not exist.

Anyway, i was wondering what the largest threads are. And, what is the largest on-topic thread. Any ideas?

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Question: Longest newsgroup thread?

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  • We had internal newsgroups in college back in the mid-nineties. One dude went insane and started replying to every single comment in this one thread... including his OWN! The thread was so epic, that I still remember the subject to this day: "Wasamatta use guys?" . He dropped out after that semester.
  • I submit the epic "The First Slashdot Troll Post Investigation" as one of the longest and must battle-scarred slashdot threads ever. I got modslapped a couple times for posting in that bitch, and it's finally what drove my karma back down below 50. It definately took a while to come down from 300 or so where it was... Haha, well at least I got out where I can still be a moderator!

    I think that anyone who posted in there who was a slashdot subscriber did not get bitchslapped (and can still moderate) but all
  • Also, some of those threads on the alt.binaries groups get to be pretty lengthy... especially when people start posting DVD images...

    *****Some boring-ass movie [001/222] Part 01 of 95
    . .. ... .... Repeated 11089 more times

  • There are several really long threads in usenet. I remember participating in one back in like '92 that was several thousand replies long. Regarding current activity ask Mr. Google [google.com].
  • There is one usenet newsgroup that has a thread they've kept going for something like five years now but I can't remember which group or even a vague idea of the topic.

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