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Journal Chacham's Journal: News: I'm thirty and related ramblings 7

Just a bid of news. Today, March 1st is (and yesterday, 27 Adar I was) my birthday. I was born 27 Adar I, 5733, or March 1st, 1973. Contrary to popular belief, the Jewish calendar does not *only* coincide with the solar calendar every nineteen years (by me it was actually one day off), they actually coincide a few times during each nineteen year cycle. Which means, that my birthday on the Jewish calender started Friday night for a day, and my solar calender birthday started this morning.

Either way, I'm thirty. At least this short fat body with a receding hairline is. I, myself, seem to be about fourteen or fifteen, but wiser for the wear. If not for my experiences, I doubt I'd be much different.

So, I went from being a twenty-something to a thirty-nothing. The psycological impact is interesting. I feel like it *should* mean something, but it doesn't really seem to. It does mean that I've been on this world for a while, and reflection on what I have to show for it can be a sombering thought.

Eh, whatever.

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News: I'm thirty and related ramblings

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