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Journal Chacham's Journal: Tags: noooooooo 2

I've been loving tags lately. The stupid "dept" lines are hardly ever noticed, but tags preach to the choir.

BitTorrent, Inc. Acquires uTorrent really made me chuckle with "sellout, utorrent, bittorrent, noooooooo". Wow, that's the entire story with comment in four words.

As if that wasn't enough, noooooooo's other story is Russia Agrees To Shut Down, which was "haha, mp3, noooooooo, russia, riaa (tagging beta)".

Another tagacious story is Science: Microsoft Releases Book Search with the tags "metoo, makincopies, copycat". Firstly "makincopies" conjures up an image i cannot rightly explain in words, but its of a guy moving the top of a copy machine back and forth, and his interlocutor has just queried "whatcha doin?". I want to chuckle, but i feel like i'm laughing at him, but he's so serious, i don't want to make fun if him.

Secondly, metoo was last used for Microsoft Launches Social Network which was "itsatrap, metoo, microsoft". I'm wondering if "metoo" is specific to MS, much like itsatrap which is a gorgeous tag in its own right, with its epitome in IE Sends Cake to Firefox 2 Team which itself was "itsatrap, cake, ie, firefox, food". (Though, itsatrap seems to have (only) one non-MS story of Is An Uninformed Vote Better Than No Vote?.)

A tag of special note is thinkofthechildren. The cynicism inherent in political entities' explotation by pandering to the less developed feelings amongst the immature masses has created a condoned cordoned section of society that polices itself based on zeitgeists, and is nicely wrapped up in the aforementioned tag.

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Tags: noooooooo

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