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Comment Self Price Match (Score 5, Interesting) 725

I recently shopped at both Best Buy and Sears and discovered that their online store sale prices were $80 and $70 cheaper than what their brick and mortar store could offer. I showed a sales member their store's site on my phone but it turns out that they can't match their own prices. I do, however, like both stores' website's option to buy now and pickup in the store. Yep, I bought the item online while in the store and just walked over to customer service and picked it up 10 minutes later.

Comment Re:Finders Keepers? (Score 1) 851

For anyone to open a compartment of your locked vehicle without your permission should constitute breaking and entering. IANAL but placing one on the outside of your vehicle without a warrant is dramatically different than getting under the hood and making modifications (wiring and/or panels for hiding) without a warrant.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 486

So the government now has to stop natural things! What next, they're going to get into trouble because people die in car wrecks in the winter after a snow that they didn't prevent. Or what happens when the sea level continues to rise? How friggin' high are those levees going to get? It's cheaper in the long run to not rebuild the flooded areas and instead move the people to higher ground and let nature turn the low areas back into marshlands that will naturally protect other areas from storm surge.

Submission + - Was Latvian meteorite crater was hoax? (

Cemu writes: Closer analysis of a large crater initially believed to been caused by a meteorite reveals it was a hoax. Experts investigating the site say the hole is too tidy to have been caused by a meteorite and that some pyrotechnic compound was burned at the bottom to create the illusion of molten material.

Submission + - Wii Check-up Channel

Cemu writes: Engadget alerts us that "Nintendo Japan has announced a new Wii "Check-Up" channel that acts as a health guidance system between you and health professionals." The information is quite vague as of now but they promise to give updates as the Japanese press release is translated. However, I think I already know what "Check-up" will tell most of its audience, "Lose weight."
Input Devices

Submission + - Police Taser Man in Airport to Death (

Lucas123 writes: "A video was just released showing the last moments of a Polish immigrant who died after police shocked him with a taser and restrained him at Vancouver's airport last month. Robert Dziekanski, 40, of Pieszyce, Poland, was going on a rampage out of frustration for waiting 10 hours for his mother in the airport, but witnesses said he was hurting no one. Police shot him with the taser after he refused to place his hands on a table. They apparently gave him two jolts. He later died."
United States

Submission + - Spy Master Admits Error (

Cemu writes: Just one day after the slashdot article Eavesdropping Helpful Against Terrorist Plot, MSNBC reports the United States' Intel czar, Mike McConnell, had to adjust his statement that the information was in fact "not collected under authorities provided by the 'Protect America Act'." In fact the "exchange of information took place months before the new 'Protect America' law was passed."

Submission + - Eavesdropping Didn't Help Uncover Terrorist Plot

crymeph0 writes: Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell asserted that the "Protect America Act", which frees the intelligence community from pesky things like judicial oversight while they eavesdrop on international conversations, was used to good effect in exposing the recently foiled terrorist plot to bomb U.S. military facilities in Germany. Not so, according to other, anonymous, intelligence community officials. McConnell was forced to admit his errors in a phone call to Sen. Joe Lieberman. Turns out the military got wise to the bad guys months before the law was passed, simply due to alert military guards noticing odd behavior by some passers-by, a.k.a. good old fashioned police work!

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