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Comment Re:The sign that you are a software slave: (Score 1) 156

The obvious difference is that SMB was a game, run solely for entertainment purposes and which has no impact on your daily life or productivity. We play games with the understanding that we're engaging in interaction with the software under a particular set of rules for the purpose of creating a challenging experience.

A computer is a tool and the OS is part of its utility. An OS that imposes artificial limitations on what the user can do is akin to a tool dictating how its wielder can use it. People using a computer are generally not interested in a constant game-like experience with arbitrary rules and limitations. If they want that, they can install a game on the computer and run it to get that fix.

Comment Re: Hyberbole much? (Score 1) 278

They are desperate for you to believe that you can't legally leave, but there are many stories of people doing exactly that. TSA knows that they don't have the authority to prevent you from leaving - that's why they threaten an $11,000 lawsuit that they try very hard to present as a "fine". Puffed-up screening clerks have told travelers "We WILL be bringing that lawsuit" and nothing has happened.

The only authority they have is to prohibit people from entering the terminal. They can try to get airport police involved, but airport cops don't always uphold TSA's narrative that you can't leave.

Comment Re:Another year, another video codec... (Score 2) 285

You shouldn't. "NAS" drives, at least as they come from WD, are just Greens with TLER so they don't drop out of RAID. If you're not RAIDing, or if you're doing software RAID with MDADM or ZFS, shouldn't matter what you use. Even with hardware RAID, it really only matters if you're doing parity RAID. 1 or 10 won't care.

Submission + - Hotline Miami 2 too offensive for Australia (

dotarray writes: It's official: Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is too offensive for Australian audiences, according to the Classification Board. The latest from Dennaton and Devolver has been Refused Classification (effectively banned), and will not be released Down Under.

Comment Re:Also those sliding "give us your email' boxes (Score 1) 418

Adblock Edge works on a case-by-case basis, with Element Hiding Helper's aid in suppressing the whole-page darkening overlay, but I haven't found a reliable filter formula to work universally across sites. The other problem is that some sites make legitimate use of modal elements for "lightbox" photo viewers (though it seems to me that links to .jpg files would work just fine) or even login dialogs in the case of Spiceworks, and so a universal blocking expression would have to allow for these. It could perhaps be coded like popup blockers to detect user-requested overlays but there would be some wailing and gnashing of teeth before it was perfected. I recently resorted to the low-tech solution, which was sending a scathing E-mail to the customer-relations department of a site I was browsing (GelPro kitchen floor mats) stating that their modal overlay lost them my business. And yes, I did follow through by buying from their competitor. Not sure if I'm vindictive enough to scan and E-mail them the receipt, though part of me says it's the only logical way to conclude the interaction.

Comment Million-dollar question (Score 2) 566

I think what a lot of people want to know is whether 7.1a is still reliable and, if not, how many versions back one must go to get a release that's still feature-complete but not questionable in security.

In the meantime, if you need to encrypt a file, you can use GPG and Cryptophane if you want a GUI. Nowhere near as elegant as TC but it should get the job done.

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