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Comment Re:This is honestly a non-story... (Score 1) 292

Ian Lee may be biased towards the 360, (as I am), but to give the man his due he has hosted various TV programs for gamers here in the UK and was instrumental in setting up the largest exhibition on computer games here which lead to a proper archive being setup. Unfortunately he's also the person that launched Ricky Gervais' career.
First Person Shooters (Games)

ZeniMax, Parent Company of Bethesda, Buys id Software 147

CelticLo writes "ZeniMax Media Inc., parent company of noted game publisher Bethesda Softworks, today announced it has completed the acquisition of legendary game studio id Software, creators of world-renowned games such as Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein, and its upcoming title, Rage. In an interview with Kotaku, John Carmack said, 'We're really getting kind of tired competing with our own publishers in terms of how our titles will be featured. And we've really gotten more IPs than we've been able to take advantage of. And working with other companies hasn't been working out as spectacularly as it could. So the idea of actually becoming a publisher and merging Bethesda and ZeniMax on there [is ideal.] It would be hard to imagine a more complementary relationship. They are triple A, top-of-the-line in what they do in the RPGs. And they have no overlap with all the things we do in the FPSes.' The press release confirmed that id's projects will remain under Carmack's control."

Augmented Reality Shaping the Future of Games 56

Slatterz writes "Microsoft's Natal can recognize a player's skeletal structure, and also perform some sophisticated translation of body physics into in-game movement. As a control mechanism this is fascinating, but the next step is to merge the game graphics with the real world. Now, basic examples of augmented reality (AR) are being shown using a mobile phone, unlike previous demos which have involved walking around with a large backpack strapped to your body. A game titled Arhrrrr blends live-action video overlaid with game graphics. The processing is taken care of by Nvidia's new Tegra platform, while the game's 'maps' are generated by pointing the phone's camera (in this case 5MP) at a 2D drawing/printout lying on a table. The end result is a 3D world which seems to spring forth in real time, with buildings popping up as players move around the game 'map.' This story shows two other interesting videos demonstrating AR, including the ability to add real-life objects into the virtual game world and have the gameplay respond and react accordingly."

Submission + - ZeniMax buys iD, expect humoungous rocket soon! (

CelticLo writes: ZeniMax Media Inc., parent company of noted game publisher Bethesda Softworks, today announced it has completed the acquisition of legendary game studio, id Software, creators of world-renowned games such as DOOM, QUAKE, Wolfenstein, and its upcoming title, RAGE.

Comment UK HD boxes provide better SD rendering. (Score 2, Insightful) 603

I have a HD cable PVR and a 720p HDTV. My SD feed is greatly improved by the HD PVR solely because it's a better specced box than the standard cable box provided by Virgin Media in the UK.

I believe it is the same here in the UK with the Sky (Fox) satellite boxes; the "HD Ready PVR" has far better decoders than the standard sat receivers on the SD channels as well as the superior digital out HDMI. [Shame its encumbered by the usual DRM]

So a phone poll asking users would be flawed if this is the case in the polls geographiocal catch area.


True ChAoS writes "Using the latest in microwave energy transmission technology, the Wireless Extension Cords (WECs) 'beam' power right where you need it. Broadcasting in the 7.2GHz range, the WECs will not interfere with wireless networks, phones, or Bluetooth components. Be sure to heed all the warnings in the instruction manual; the microwaves used are relatively safe, but you don't want to cook your computer (or coworkers) by mistake." ThinkGeek is also owned by OSTG.

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