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Comment Re:Newsflash: nothing is free. (Score 2, Insightful) 533

Seriously, we communists in Sweden do know that taxes pay our school lunches, our healthcare and a shitload of more stuff. But the fact is (and this is the part that the allknowing capitalist gods of the west have a real trouble understanding), it all evens out. Our kids, being fed healthy food prepared on site with vegetables from the farm next door and good old 3% cow milk actually turn out better than little Tubby McLard praying at the McDonalds altar over there. When ther grow up they perform better at their work, they have less need for health care (The tax paid one, remember) and it actually turns out you become a happier person it you eat healthy and leave the car in the garage once in a while.
Our school lunches are free in the sense that we actually save money providing them, not now but when the kids eating them grow up. I bet you our school lunches actually costs less per student, staff sallaries included compared to what the american fast food-kid eats. That being not just the kids official lunch meal but also whatever he/she consumes before and after lunch to make it untill dinner.
Us communists over here may dislike gas-taxes(a bit over 200%) and other things that really burn a hole in our wallets, but the taxes that pay the school lunches are pure financial gain for us and our country in the long run.

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