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Comment Re:This is a problem now? (Score 5, Informative) 128

It was a NASA owned U-2. They do atmospheric testing. They basically fly a pattern in the sky over and over. The problem with the flight plan was that the U-2 was assigned VFR-on-Top. What that mean is the plane was flying using VFR(Visual) flight rules on top of clouds. This normally occurs below 18000 feet. As such, I think the VFR-on-Top system was only designed for below 18000 feet. As the U-2 was above 60000 feet, the system was processing it for conflicts at every altitude, causing a buffer overflow. They are working on a patch to fix that problem, and in the meantime have implemented a workaround for us. That's what our memo told us at work. Source: I'm an air traffic controller at Denver En-route ARTCC.

Comment Back to an earlier time (Score 1) 446

Why not go back to the math textbooks and curriculum that taught the men who put men on the moon? If the math was solid then, why is it not now? Do we have a new way to solve the problems now then we did back in the 30's and 40's? If high school still requires you to read books written in the 1800's, how is a literature textbook published today talking about it different then one from 1940? Is it not PC to use a textbook from that era? If the US was the leader in education then, go back to that type of education. This does not mean back to segregation in the school system. Other then the hard sciences were new discoveries can change the rules, why do the basic textbooks change that much?

Comment Re:All-Streaming is a Great Idea (Score 1) 360

I subscribe to both the DVD and streaming plan. For my personal use, if it's not streaming, it's torrented. For the rest of the family, if it's not streaming, they DVD it, which are usually movies I have no desire to see, nor download. Some content providers give you no option other then to use DVD, then complain when you torrent it. It's not a lost sale, as I would never buy it anyways, it's a lost business opportunity(thus revenue) with streaming providers, such as Netflix. I would really much prefer to have them streaming. I wish the studios would understand that, any profit is better then no profit.

Comment Re:Great (Score 1) 272

Maybe your notification email isn't up to date, or it got put in spam or something. I got an email from Steam the day after the story appeared here. It was the same text that was on the forum page and the news page when Steam loads up.

Comment Re:FAA Shutdown (Score 5, Informative) 252

I'm an air traffic controller in the US. We're getting paid. It's our support and design engineer people that got hosed, as they are paid out of the unfunded trust fund thing, not controllers. Controllers and admin are paid under the regular payroll budget. About 7000 or so FAA employees are on unpaid furlough, and about 10000 contractors are without contract. It basically affects projects to expand or renovate airports. As to the "not getting paid" part, when the federal government almost went on furlough earlier this year, we(controllers) would have been working without pay.

Comment Evolving (Score 1) 144

Do they really expect these things to never evolve? We feed them enough drugs for long enough, the survivors will pass on whatever it was that allowed them to survive to the next generation. Sooner or later, they have a whole colony that is immune to drug X and Y, we just need to find drug Z and AA, and in another 50-100 years, repeat. Sooner or later, we'll be able to go back to drug X and Y.

Comment Re:Praise Xena (Score 1) 353

If they really want to kill IE6, and other older browsers; Google, Facebook, Youtube, and the American Idol home pages need to cut support cold turkey and provide links to the top three current browsers, in random order(as to prevent the top one from being the most downloaded). Same with IPv6, just start throwing up a page for IPv4 users that says, "Hey! You're using IPv4, and this web site requires you to switch to IPv6. Here's how to change to IPv6. If you can't, call your ISP at ### and tell them you want IPv6!"

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