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Comment Re:Says something about education? (Score 1) 943

Of all the Americans I've ever had cause to discuss the question with--from radio astronomers to radio-toothed dominionists--I'm the only one who doesn't "believe" in life on other planets. So, to dissolve at least one of the images of troglodytic Republicans dancing through your head, I'll give you my atheistic, scientific additional sample of one, since it's the only one I know:

Because I "believe"--or, more accurately, guess, based on known evidence--that the odds of intelligent life as we define it presently existing in the universe are approximately 1/[the number of planets estimated to exist in the universe] (mainly because the cosmic "weather" is not (yet) working in lasting complexity's favor), I'd have answered "no" on the poll.

I wouldn't be surprised at all if humanity was the universe's first "intelligent" species. Or second. Or only, ever, forever. We know space is a fucked up, dangerous, inhospitable hellhole. The PBS image of a galactic Manhattan swarming silently and invisibly all around us seems like the religious irrationality to me.

I know one guy in Israel who thinks the same thing for the same reasons (except he's a cosmologist, so he can explain it better). Also--huge fundie. Just goes to show ya.

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