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Rob Malda Answers Your Questions 221

Last week hundreds of you posted questions for Slashdot's CmdrTaco, AKA Rob Malda. Today we present his answers to 10 of the highest-moderated questions. CT: You can continue to sign up for 10 year anniversary parties but we're already working on shipping shirts so you won't be able to get a care package... but you can still try to run for the big grand prize by just taking videos of pictures or just doing something cool at your parties to prove that we should have been there.

Submission + - What the kids really think about kids' games (

marcellizot writes: "For a hobby that's supposedly childish, real child gamers have quite a hard time of it. When they're not having every avenue of fun scrutinised for nasties and bad influences, they're often being sold game ideas that were boring and old even when the adults of today were young. Pocket Gamer asks, what do kids really make of today's kids games?"

Submission + - Google is on a buying spree (

jbrodkin writes: "Google bought two companies this week, may soon buy a third, and that's not even including the pending DoubleClick acquisition. It's a continuation of a busy 12 months in which Google has agreed to 11 acquisitions of companies and technologies, several of which have bolstered the search engine leader in its competition with Microsoft. e.html"

Submission + - Launch Date Announced for Shuttle STS-117 (

chuckpeters writes: "After a two day Flight Readiness Review in Florida, space shuttle managers have announced an official launch date for STS-117 to be June 8, 7:38 PM.

The launch window will run in two parts — from June 8th to the evening of June 12th when the shuttle must stand down for a June 14th Atlas launch. After that the windows opens again on the 17th. This first opening gives the standard four attempts in five days. If they have not launched by the 12th, they will replenish things such as liquid oxygen and hydrogen for the fuel cells to prepare for the 17th attempt."


Flawed Survey Suggests XP More Secure Than Vista 235

SkeeLo writes "One of Vista's big selling points is security, but a report from CRN concludes that Vista offers little in the way of security advancements over Windows XP. Ars Technica analyzed the report and found some methodological problems. 'The report faults Vista for "providing no improvement in virus protection vs. XP," but of course Windows Vista does not ship with antivirus software — something the reviewer fails to mention. Faulting an AV-less Vista for not stopping viruses is a bit like faulting a door without a lock for opening when the handle is twisted.' That's not all: 'It was also disappointing to see CRN completely ignore the issue of buffer overflows, which has been addressed well in Vista by most accounts. This was a major weak spot with XP, and so far, Vista looks strong in this area, strong enough that Vista may never get its own "SQL Slammer." Why CRN didn't address this is a mystery, as it is no minor matter.'"
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - GodsWar steals assets from old game to promote (

Kheldon writes: "It looks like MMO publisher I.G.G. is using wallpaper art from the citybuilder game Zeus: Master of Olympus, released in 2000, to promote their new MMO, Gods War Online. Zeus was developed by Impression Games and published by Sierra Entertainment."

Submission + - LOLCODE - A New Programming Language From Cats

brianez21 writes: "LOLCODE was created 25 May 2007 and is a rather funny esoteric programming language (like Whitespace and Brainfuck). It was made to poke fun at all the cat-related humor on the Internet. There is currently a working LOLCAT interpreter available, here is an example piece of code (Hello World) that is ready to be run.


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