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Comment Life finds a way (Score 5, Interesting) 188

I would agree with the "cry wolf" assessment. Having worked in pest control in my experience pheromones don't work well and/or very long; about the only good use I've found is for monitoring. I once talked to a Chemistry professor working with an Entomologist to synthesize fire ant trail pheromones (how they make paths to food) to see if it could be used to confuse workers. He told me it worked for all of a few minutes before they "figured it out" and started trailing through it like nothing happened. Smell is the primary sense for most insects and can be extremely acute (some moths can sense a few MOLECULES per square foot), so I think it will be relatively difficult to find a way to trick them in that way.

I'm glad they're trying new things, we're ganna need it along with intelligent usage so we don't end up needlessly wasting away their effective life-spans like we've done with previous pesticides and anti-biotics. Shelf what doesn't work but continue encouraging innovation (which I think the current gene patent situation is probably stifling)

Comment Genetic diversity is my guess (Score 1) 220

While pesticides, disease and other stresses are certainly "causing" the collapses, more genetic diversity should have solved most of it.

Honeybee breeding has typically been less rigorous than other livestock. Combined with the genetic bottlenecks they've been through with their domestication and spread around the globe, problems were bound to arise eventually.

If enough genetic diversity was present, all of the individual possible problems (even pesticides) causing colony collapse should have been sorted out relatively quickly (especially given that queens mate with multiple males).

Comment Re:Pointing fingers at problems (Score 1) 493

Yes, it is a cultural thing, but in a way you're proving his point. In Western society, we are more free to do what WE (the individual) want, we're even encouraged to find a job that we enjoy, not worry so much about what it pays. It goes to show that if people are left to their own devices/feelings/interests, instead of worrying about what will put food on the table (or what papa wants), they will choose to do what they NATURALLY gravitate to. So if there is a natural difference of interest in the sexes, career choice will become MORE pronounced in a wealthy free society, not less

Of course we aren't perfect, but I hope you aren't suggesting that people in Iran or other less than first world countries are somehow better at women's equality

Comment Jesus doesn't want easily offended people (Score 1) 681

He must have known his tweet was going to offend many people, as well as the many people who retweeted it. Shame on anyone who unnecessarily offends others, but even more shame on people so easily offended. Many stopped following Jesus because they were ''offended,'' and he asked his disciples if they would do the same, so it's pretty clear what his thoughts on the matter were

Comment humor (Score 1) 413

While I know this is an unfortunate event, I have to say that the comments on this thread are the funniest I've read all week.

My opinion is, any good man probably wouldn't have a problem with others finding some amusement about his death, and any bad man does a great service to mankind with post-mortem amusement . Personally I'd want everyone who knew or cared about my death, including my family, to find something funny about it. Or laugh at all the stupid and or funny things I did in life.


Submission + - Man kills cat over video game (

Cazakatari writes: A Virginia man allegedly killed a kitten after the animal somehow disconnected a video game while he was playing it Monday night, police charge. Bruce Walston, 21, is facing an animal cruelty charge for allegedly killing his girlfriend's black kitten by throwing it against a wall in their apartment, according to the below Staunton Police Department report.

Comment Re:Not really 'impotence'... (Score 1) 892

He is talking about in this life, as am I. Sure, I hope that God will help me along and I think he is, but it isn't something one can just expect right when you follow a commandment. There's no promise in the bible that if you're a good christian God will make life easy for you, in fact it is mostly the opposite.

Following a religion just because you want reward or fear punishment is silly, and not what God wants.

Comment Re:Not really 'impotence'... (Score 1) 892

I don't know if it is ''troll'' in the literal sense, but Man on Pink is either ignorant about religions or a bigot.

It really is saddening to see how so many people here think they're on the scientific high ground of knowledge and criticize religions so broadly. All they show is blatant ignorance (which is what they are accusing religion of strangely enough)

Some sects believe that ''the universe owes them something,'' don't get me wrong, but not all by a long shot. Maybe those are the most vocal because it's what people like to hear, personally I don't care for them either

In any case my personal christian belief almost exactly matches what he said about science:

''starts from the premise that whatever secrets Mother Nature holds will have to be earned through hard work. There are no promises of results and no guarantees that understanding will ever be reached.''

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