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Comment Re:Cool Story, Bro (Score 1) 676

In all fairness to Microsoft, they have to compete not only with the iPhone's hardware and iOS, but also Apple's marketing department and Jobs' Reality Distortion Field. However, in my opinion, Windows Phone 7 will not be able to kill off the iPhone because it's missing too much core functionality (copy/paste and I believe secure Exchange support) but it is still a step up from WM 6.5.

Comment Re:As A Georgia Resident... (Score 1) 421

Even though the headline confused some people, the capital 'C' in college in aforementioned headline is grammatically correct. This is due to the word 'college' being in the title of an article, where it is appropriate to capitalize all words (with a few exceptions such as 'the', 'of', and 'a' when those words are not the first word in the title).

Comment Re:Proprietary (Score 1) 203

To be honest, I don't think it matters what kind of software people use in day-to-day computing operations. It seems to me that the Stallman followers argue for freedom to do what one wishes with one's computer and software; however if that choice includes 'non-free' or proprietary software it's wrong for one to use it. I wish Stallman and his followers would just stop being so hypocritical.

Comment Re:How does (Score 1) 1088

Well if Wikileaks is leaking troop movements, battle plans, etc. they would be putting troops in danger of being ambushed, etc. which will certainly put our various countries' armed forces in unnecessary danger. (hypothetically speaking of course, i know of no incident of this occuring)

Comment Re:Is this test legal in the US...? (Score 0, Flamebait) 547

The problem with athiests these days is that they personally attack people that have a religion. Most people that believe in God don't go trying to convert everyone they see, yet are personally attacked daily for their 'stupidity in believing theres a god LOLOLOL'.

TL;DR personal attacks make you look like an ass.

Comment Here We Go Again (Score 1) 848

Every time something like this is posted on /. everyone get in a huge flame war debating the virtues and consistencies of Evolution vs. Creationism/Intelligent Design. Anyone promoting evolution or debunking creationism often gets modded up, however anyone arguing for creationism often gets modded down. I'm a creationist, a Christian, and I just ask that we teach both in schools since it is an ongoing scientific debate. Let the children decide for themselves through providing pro's/con's of both sides.

Comment Block Porn. Contact Henrico County, VA Schoolboard (Score 1) 1117

Block porn. Most parents won't like the idea of a government-issued laptop giving their testosterone-filled teenaged boys access to Internet porn. Games won't be as big of an issue (except for emulators), especially if you include some games with the laptop.

Talk to school board officials in Henrico County, VA if you haven't already. We were one of the first to start issuing laptops to students. Whatever you do, don't ever switch over to Windows if you value being able to teach the kids. No matter what kind of restrictions or security was in place, within 20 minutes we were able to get around it.

Comment Re:Hopefully (Score 5, Insightful) 207

Conservatives have no problem with stem-cell research. The problem is when the stem cells are harvested from a human embryo - during the process we end a human life. The main question about embryonic stem-cells was 'Is it right to kill a human being to potentially save other lives?' With this new breakthrough, it could be possible to save many lives without killing a potential human life.

Submission + - Don't wait for Vista SP1, pleads Microsoft (apcmag.com)

SlinkySausage writes: ""Some customers may be waiting to adopt Windows Vista because they've heard rumors about device or application compatibility issues, or because they think they should wait for a service pack release," Microsoft has admitted in an email. The company is pleading with customers not to wait until the release of SP1 at the end of the year, launching a "fact rich" program to try to convince them to "proceed with confidence". The announcement coincides with an embarrassing double-backflip: Microsoft had pre-briefed journalists that it was going to allow home users to run Vista basic and premium under virtual machines like VMWare, but it changed its mind at the last minute and pulled the announcement."

Submission + - Best practices to avoid Ajax security threats

An anonymous reader writes: This article, provided an overview of different ways in which Web 2.0 applications avoid the same-origin policy. It also demonstrated how this opens up some new attack vectors to Web applications. It discusses some common types of attacks and the results that attackers can obtain. Finally, it concluded with a best practices section, which you can use to avoid some of the most common Ajax application attacks.

Submission + - Illegal Monitoring at School

WyllDez writes: "I had an incident today an a high school in Toronto (Northern Secondary School), and I am unsure how to act. The computers in our library are monitored using Net Support School (http://www.netsupportschool.com/ ). I was completely unaware until our librarian came up to me, showed me a print out of my browsing history, programs I ran, and all of my key strokes, including my passwords to several websites. I have talked to quite a few students at our school, and all of them where unaware that they have been monitored. I looked throughout the library, and there are no signs anywhere mentioning that they are being monitored. In our usage agreement, it said that we would be monitored at the board level, and only browsing history would be monitored through the board proxies. It should also be noted that all of the key logs are available to anyone who finds the folder! What can we do about this?"

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