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Submission + - SPAM: Get Out of Debt: How to Fend Off Debt Collectors

coleleblanc1120 writes: Let's face it: debt collectors can be scary. Many will insistently call and harass you, all in an attempt to get you to pay more than you possibly can. However, most people don't know their legal rights when dealing with debt — a fact exploited by collectors- and often agree to to terms that are unfair and/or impossible. Here are your legal rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA):

They must provide you with the amount owed in writing. When first approached by a debt collector, ask for this right away to clear up any confusion.

You have the right to dispute the debt in question. When the debt collector contacts you and disagree with either the figure or the source of the debt, you have 30 days in which to dispute the charge in writing.

Tell them to buzz off. This is my personal favorite. You can submit your request in writing to a debt collector that they not contact you again about a specific debt, and they cannot continue correspondence with the exception of providing notice they have received your request. Of course, they can always contact you in the future for different debts, which means you have to send the notification to them again. It's really that simple!

A few additional things a debt collector cannot do: swear, make illegal threats (such as physical or emotional threats), contact you before 8AM or after 9PM without your approval, or contact your work if you have told them not to.

The FDCPA was created to protect consumers from over-anxious debt collectors. Know your rights before making any decisions, and don't let them bully you around!

After years of struggling with debt and credit card problems, in 1999 we started studying and learning how to prevent debt. We've read hundreds of books, talked to multiple debt consolidators, and developed our own problem solving budgets.

Get Out of Debt, Get Out of Debt, Get Out of Debt

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Submission + - 3D Porn Outsells 3D Avatar in Hong Kong (

Mr_Blank writes: Now there is a reason for 3d TV sales to take off... From the article: "Blue creatures in 3-D can't quite keep up with a 3-D blue movie at the box office in Hong Kong, apparently.3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy, the porn film that Eyder wrote about earlier this month, "earned 17 million Hong Kong dollars ($2.2 million) as of Tuesday since opening last week on 73 screens" in Hong Kong, The Associated Press reports. And according to the BBC, on its first day the movie brought in 2.78 million Hong Kong dollars — more than the previous first-day Hong Kong record of 2.63 million, set by Avatar."

US Grants Home Schooling German Family Political Asylum 1324

A US judge has granted political asylum to a family who said they fled Germany to avoid persecution for home schooling their children. Uwe Romeike and his wife, Hannelore, moved to Tennessee after German authorities fined them for keeping their children out of school and sent police to escort them to classes. Mike Connelly, attorney for the Home School Legal Defence Association, argued the case. He says, "Home schoolers in Germany are a particular social group, which is one of the protected grounds under the asylum law. This judge looked at the evidence, he heard their testimony, and he felt that the way Germany is treating home schoolers is wrong. The rights being violated here are basic human rights."

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